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International Investments: 5 Reasons to Invest in Israel

Investors worldwide feel grim as large North American and European economies edge closer to negative growth. It’s a dire time for anyone with money on the US stock exchange or European investments. Thankfully, Israel’s economy grew by a massive 8% at a time when the superpowers’ economies were in decline.

The vast growth was thanks in part to foreign investment. Israeli stocks and bonds are hot investment items for anyone wanting to save money from their local inflation. Read on for our top 5 reasons to invest in Israel.

1. Amazing Export Record

The entire country of Israel is maybe a little bigger than the state of New Hampshire, and yet they have one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, thanks to their exports. This is in part thanks to the nation’s intellectual capital.

In the last 30 years, Israeli innovation has allowed their exporting to grow by around 730%. They are world leaders in technological advancement, and many of their patents and inventions can be found in smartphones, medical technologies, and more!

2. Wonderous Economic Policy

As a small country, Israel can’t afford to flirt with bad economic policy for too long. A decision that could tank the US economy in a generation may sink Israel’s standing in a matter of months. 

The government actively combats bad-faith business practices, activist groups that want to block economic growth, and bank-dominated monopolies. The aim of the Israeli government is to have a competitive and accessible marketplace to ensure the best possible growth. 

3. Flourishing Startups

One of the best ways to make it in the investing business is to bet on the right new tech company. When a tech startup has the right idea and execution, its share price normally skyrockets in the years to come.

Thanks to the local expertise and economically friendly laws, there are many such startups flourishing in Israel right now. The country, sometimes called the “startup nation,” had 33 of its tech companies reach a billion dollars in value each in 2021 alone. Shareholders are seeing over 400% returns on their investment in many cases.

4. Stable Government Bonds 

Buying new stock is a risky practice according to more cautious investors, and that view is not without its merit. However, the benefits of investing in Israel are not closed to the more daring pool of investors. You can buy Israeli bonds as well.

There are currently 13 different bonds available for purchase in dollars being offered by the Israeli treasury. A treasury that has never defaulted on a debt payment, so you are guaranteed your annual coupon payment as well as the eventual maturity return. Find out more by checking out thejerusalemportfolio.com.

5. Anyone Can Invest in Israel 

Israel is very open to foreign investment, unlike some of the other larger first-world economies. They don’t discriminate against investors for any ideological reasons, which means that your investment will never plummet because of bad governance or lack of capital since you’ll be part of a global fraternity of investors.

Take Hold of This Investment Opportunity

There are multiple different reasons for smart investors to invest in Israel and tons of different ways to do it. Whether you’re a whale of an investor with a lot of money or starting out with only a little, you can make a very wise decision by making a foreign investment in Israel. 

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