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What’s Your Investing Budget? Or Do You Really Need One?

This topic is another one of those, it looks great on paper, but what-about-real-life?

How Important is an Investing Budget?

Before you start listening to the ‘experts’ and decide that in order to invest you first need to be able to put aside 10% or 20% of your monthly income towards savings or investing, I recommend you simply allot a certain amount so you can start – no matter how small of a number it is.

Once you get your groove on and understand how this whole investing and trading thing works, then you can make optimistic promises of how much you want to put aside.

But as with all things, when you start to think of the HUGE commitment you ‘intend’ to make by putting aside such a huge chunk of your monthly money, you will run for cover and never dip your feet into this wonderful game with Mr. Market.

So, to put it bluntly, ignore all the chit chat about the amount of money you should be saving and start small.

As with all journeys in life, start with a small step forward. The journey to investing and trading starts just the same way. They key is just ‘Do it!’

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How to Start

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What's Your Investing Budget? Or Do You Really Need One?