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The first thing to know is that day trading is not like investing, and it’s something that the Securities and Exchange Commission makes very clear.

Investing involves a fundamental analysis of company stock in order to find a good long-term project to hold their shares while day trading is buying and selling on the same day.

One of the biggest advantages of investing is that investing is less risky than day trading but is a lot less profitable. Here you can find some tips and articles about investing and more

Secrets on How to Invest In Dividends

PREFER TO READ IT? Full Transcription In the last video we went over Fixed Income Investing and why they are a staple for every portfolio with guaranteed profits. Today we are going to dive into the real profit-making engine of portfolios. How …
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Day Trading vs. Investing (Simplified)

LISTEN IN YOUR CAR or ON YOUR HEADPHONES Prefer to read it? Full Transcription Hey, it’s Marina, the trader chick, and today I’ve got a question for you. Do you know the difference between trading and investing? Some people actually …
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