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Is Hulu On The Stock Market?

Are you one of those people who tend to invest in things they use daily? It’s a common sentiment that confidence comes from familiarity. And that’s likley the case with investment opportunities and streaming services we use daily like Hulu.

Just the other day, a friend who just came off a major Hulu binge posed a question that I believe often crosses the minds of many, namely: “Can you buy Hulu stock?”. And it got him (and me) thinking –is Hulu on the stock market?

Hulu, the streaming giant well-known for its vast collection of current-season TV shows and curated selection of movies, is currently enjoying immense popularity. And with Hulus widespread appeal, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are intrigued by the idea of investing in the company. 

But unlike Netflix, which has its own stock, Hulu operates under the umbrella of a larger corporation. So, if you’re among those wondering, “Is Hulu on the stock market?” and are considering investing after seeing how majorly popular Hulu has become, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Read on below as we discuss in detail how to potentially profit from investing in a majorly popular streaming service through day trading by answering the question of, is Hulu on the stock market?

But before considering investing and day trading stocks such as Netflix or Disney, it’s crucial to first have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of day trading and market movements. These principles will serve you well as you look into trading stocks or other assets.

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Is there a Hulu stock?
Read below and learn how to potentially profit from investing in a majorly popular streaming service through day trading by answering the question, ‘Is there a Hulu stock?’.

Is there a Hulu stock?

The burning question for many potential investors: Does Hulu have its own stock? The short answer is no. This is because unlike other standalone streaming services like Netflix, Hulu is not a publicly traded company. 

Instead, Hulu operates as a joint venture under the ownership of major media conglomerates, namely The Walt Disney Company and Comcast (via NBCUniversal). This means there’s not such a thing as “Hulu stock price”, you can’t buy Hulu stock. And you can’t invest directly in Hulu. And as a privately owned joint venture, sadly there are no current plans for Hulu to go public. 

That being said, there are ways that interested parties can invest in Hulu. And this is what will be addressed in the following section.

What company owns Hulu?

Currently, Hulu is owned by two companies, Disney ($DIS) which owns 67%, and with Comcast ($CMCSA) owning 33% of the company.

In March 2019, Disney officially owned 21st Century Fox in a US$71.3 billion deal. This gave Disney a total of 60% majority stake in Hulu. While Comcast was the other only shareholder after AT&T sold its shares a month after Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Comcast announced in May 2019 that it’ll agree to give total control of Hulu to Disney. The company will buy the 33% owned by Comcast in 2024.

While Hulu itself doesn’t have its own stock, investors interested in the streaming industry can indirectly invest in Hulu by considering the stocks of its parent companies. The performance of Disney (DIS) and Comcast (CMCSA) can be influenced by Hulu’s success, among other factors.

Therefore, for those looking to invest in Hulu’s success, examining the financial health and prospects of its parent companies may offer a way to gain exposure to Hulu’s potential growth.

is hulu stock available to buy
While Hulu itself doesn’t have its own stock, investors interested in the streaming industry can indirectly invest in Hulu by considering the stocks of its parent companies.

The future of Disney Hulu stock

The phenomenal rise of Disney+ is no secret – it has surged in popularity, captivating audiences worldwide and continually expanding its reach. Amidst this streaming revolution, the question of Disney’s acquisition of Comcast’s shares in Hulu looms large. However, it’s crucial to note that while Disney and Hulu are interconnected, they remain distinct platforms.

What does this mean for investors? With Hulu not offering its own stock, the focus naturally shifts to Disney’s stock. As Disney moves towards acquiring full ownership of Hulu, the implications for both platforms remain uncertain. While synergies may emerge, it’s essential to recognize that Disney+ and Hulu cater to different audiences and serve unique content niches.

Hulu’s fate is intertwined with Disney’s strategic decisions and market positioning. Therefore, for those eyeing the potential of Disney and its streaming ventures, analyzing Disney’s stock performance and strategic direction offers a more comprehensive perspective than isolating Hulu as a standalone entity.

And in simple terms, you should focus on the Disney company stock and not think about Hulu as stock alone because there is no existing Hulu stock that one can buy and hold or even day trade.


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How to buy Hulu stock?

Now that you understand that Hulu doesn’t have its own stock available for purchase, you might wonder how you can still invest in its success. Since Hulu operates as a majority-owned venture, direct investment in its stock isn’t possible. However, there’s a straightforward indirect route available.

With Disney holding a majority stake in Hulu (67%), investing in Hulu becomes accessible through Disney’s stock ($DIS) or Comcast’s stock. By purchasing shares in Disney or Comcast, investors gain exposure to Hulu’s potential growth and performance.

All it takes is a modest amount of capital, a reputable brokerage platform, and a basic understanding of investment principles to get started. With these essentials in place, investors can tap into the streaming industry’s potential through indirect investment avenues.

All you need is a bit of money, a good broker, and some basics investment knowledge.

Investing in Hulu offers investors several indirect avenues to tap into its potential growth. One option is to invest in the parent companies that own Hulu: Disney and Comcast. By purchasing shares in these conglomerates, investors gain exposure to Hulu’s performance alongside the broader portfolio of each company.

It’s important to note that Hulu’s success can significantly impact the stock prices of its parent companies. Positive developments, such as increased subscriber numbers or successful content launches, may lead to upward movement in the stock prices of Disney and Comcast.

Conversely, challenges or setbacks for Hulu could have adverse effects on the stock prices of its parent companies. Therefore, investors interested in Hulu should closely monitor both the streaming platform’s performance and the financial health of its parent companies.

can you buy hulu stock
It’s crucial to understand the interplay between Hulu’s performance as a company and the stock prices of its parent companies – since Hulu itself is not on the stock market.

Risks and Considerations

When considering indirect investment in Hulu through its parent companies, investors must acknowledge associated risks. These may include market volatility, regulatory changes affecting the streaming industry, and specific challenges faced by Disney or Comcast. Also, factors like shifting consumer preferences and technological advancements could impact Hulu’s performance and subsequently influence the stock prices of its parent companies.

Given these potential risks, it’s imperative for investors to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from financial advisors before making investment decisions. By staying informed and consulting experts, investors can mitigate risks and make well-informed choices aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance levels.

Is Hulu on the Stock Market? Wrap Up

To wrap things up, while the allure of investing in Hulu stock may be strong, it’s essential to recognize that Hulu itself does not offer a direct avenue for investment. Instead, investors can gain exposure to Hulu’s potential growth through indirect means, such as investing in its parent companies: Disney and Comcast and buying and day trading these assets.

However, this approach comes with its own set of considerations and risks, including market volatility and industry challenges. And as always it is best to simplify your day trading (including trading Disney or Comcast ) as much as possible and build complexity in your trading strategies as you become more experienced and more skilled at day trading.

And so, prospective investors are strongly advised to conduct thorough research, assess their risk tolerance, and seek guidance from financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

By carefully evaluating the landscape and understanding the interplay between Hulu’s performance and the stock prices of its parent companies, investors can make informed choices that align with their investment objectives and long-term financial goals.

This is not an investment advice.