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I want to play a music instrument …

I want to play a music instrument …

And I want to learn day trading. Does that mean you are about to sit down and play them all?

Of course not!

You will decide if you want to play the piano, guitar, drums, etc…

And it’s totally understandable.

And then the music student starts to learn the notes.

Another totally understandable step.

And if it’s overlooked, we think they are crazy, and the last thing we want to do is listen to their contorted mix of music bangs.

However, when it comes to day trading, I hear people say to me all the time –

I want to trade.

And next thing I know they are in the markets, with real money, not having any real idea if it’s stocks, options.

And they have absolutely no idea what the financial markets are telling them.

The language of the markets are like music notes, and the specific market – equities, options, futures or forex are the musical instruments.

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