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ONE Invisible Step that Profitable Day Traders Take 

that they don’t like to share

(even though it’s THE tipping point)

Day Trading Mindset

I realized early on that when I finally started making real money,

I was doing something very different BEFORE I sat down to trade

that almost NO ONE else was doing.

I was preparing my mind like a Formula 1 Driver

Have you ever had a big win and then lost it all? 

Then this is for you . . .

Trading in the markets can be an emotional roller coaster. 

You’ve got to keep your head level or you WILL lose.

The market loves an emotional trader.

They will get eaten up and spit out every single time no matter

HOW strong the tactical strategy. 

That is a problem if you want to be profitable.

The problem I am trying to help you AVOID is only having half of the solution.

I am giving you this SPECIAL offer that I typically ONLY share with my private clients.

This is truly priceless but MOST traders don’t VALUE it

until they try to become profitable without it.

I don't include this in my programs because most ONLY want the strategy.

But this, truly is the SECRET to success when combined with the right strategy.

There is a tipping point to success …

Even with the right strategy and consistent effort you're probably not getting consistent wins because something is still missing!

Have you ever said this before:

  • “I want to sustain my wins”
  • “I want this to be able to support my family”
  • “I hate living with the fear of a big win and then an even bigger loss. . . “

I realized early on that when I finally started making real money, I was doing something very different BEFORE I sat down to trade that almost NO ONE else was doing . . . 

Let me explain what that TIPPING POINT is

But first . . . Question for you:

What do a Formula 1 Race Car Driver and

a successful Day Trader have in Common?





(in the equipment, yourself, and the strategies)

Here's an example:


Just because I can drive my son to school in a Mercedes Benz S-Class Cabriolet sports car, with similar gadgets as a Formula 1 model that takes it from zero to 210 MPH in 13 seconds.

It certainly  doesn’t mean I can drive it at
210 mph around a 45 degree angle like the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 DRIVERS.

Mercedes benz formula 1

ANYONE can learn how to drive a car.

There are 225 million registered drivers in the United States alone.

But less than 1% of the population has been a Formula One Driver.

Since 1950 there have only been 775 Formula One Race Car Drivers.  

There are only 79 Formula One Drivers today.

Here is where they are the same:

ANYONE CAN open an account with a broker.  

There are 9.6 Million Day Traders today.  BUT only .5% are making REAL MONEY.

With me, smart Day Traders are FINALLY able to BRING it ALL Together. . .  

The SECRET to become a "Formula 1" Day Trader

and BEAT THE ODDS is to follow a proven system of



Because success is more than simply driving fast or opening an account with a broker.

A Formula 1 driver would never just jump into the car and start a race.

They have very specific Mindset, Attitude, Preparation and Trust action steps that they do first.


mapt method for day traders

How does that relate to Day Trading? 

Anyone can open an account but there is so much more than just ‘Getting into a trade’ when it comes to consistently gaining more wins than losses.

The most successful Day Traders have a certain

Mindset, Attitude, Preparation, and Trust work

that they do each and every time 

BEFORE they sit down in front of their charts.

Imagine if you had the SAME Mindset, Attitude, Preparation and Trust that Successful Day Traders have

Imagine if you could get the WHOLE truth of what successful

Day Traders are doing Every.Single.Time they sit down


The Trader Chick M.A.P.T. Mastery Method for Day Traders


 The Trader Chick M.A.P.T. Mastery Method for Day Traders

4 Pillars

Pillar ONE:

Mindset: Mental Fitness for Day Traders

In this Mastery Workshop, Marina “The Trader Chick”, reveals the secret that moves the needle from simply “opening an account” to truly succeeding. By the end you will fully understand the mental preparation practice that Successful Day Traders use before they sit down to trade 

(but usually don’t reveal).

Valued at $150

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though…

Pillar TWO:

Attitude: The Setback Setup

We all experience setbacks. It’s how we handle them that makes a difference.

This Mastery Workshop will walk you through how to turn even the worst set back into a set up for a come back. Learn how to avoid the slippery slope of defeat and master how to turn it into a win.

Valued at $150

Pillar THREE:

 The Research Ritual


the actions you need to take daily before you jump into the market is 


(and that might be the reason you haven’t been consistent). This ritual will solve that.

Valued at  $100

Pillar FOUR:

Trust: Tactical Success Checklist

Point by point systematic checklist similar to the one Formula 1 Race Car Drivers use for their

pre-race technical prep work and safety measures that they take to prepare and protect themselves from all conditions, before they jump in and start.

Custom designed by The Trader Chick for Day Traders.
Valued at $100


Super BONUS: Waiting Game Secrets

Avoid getting anxious and jumping into a trade just for the sake of taking a trade. 

This BRAND NEW Bonus Reveals How to stay mentally tough and fully in the moment.

Avoid the TRAP of falling into bad trades when there’s NO VALID TRADES Setting up...

and nothing seems to be happening.

Valued at $200


Your Special Price TODAY:

ONLY $37

(I am giving this away at my cost

Because I Care)

Sounds great, right?

Well here’s what you should do next:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I know if I'll be successful? 
    The most successful people in the world aren't born that way.  And neither are you. But that's what I want to teach you.

  • What do successful people do differently?
    They are like that due to their rituals, habits and strategies that they’ve honed over time. And that is exactly what we will work on together.

  • Can I really do this?
    YES! Now it is your turn to Uncover the BIG SECRET of Successful Day Traders and apply it to your own daily trading.


(ending NOW)

The Trader Chick M.A.P.T. Mastery Method for Day Traders

ONLY $37


The Trader Chick M.A.P.T. Mastery Method for Day Traders

PILLAR #1: Mindset: Mental Fitness for Day Traders 

($150 Value)

PILLAR #2: Attitude: The Setback Setup 

($150 Value)

PILLAR #3 Preparation: The Research Ritual

($100 Value)

PILLAR #4: The Chance to Join My LIVE Trading Room

($100 Value)

SUPER Bonus: Waiting Game Secrets

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Your Special Price TODAY:

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