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I can pinpoint this with over 85% accuracy

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A special welcome message to you from me, 
Marina ‘The Trader Chick’

Whether you trade Futures, stocks, Forex, or anything that moves…

This cheat sheet, which I use daily while trading highlights strategic patterns like reversals, divergences and areas with incredible accuracy.

The Cheat Sheet is my most popular download of all time.

Day Traders from around the world have written to me after using it for just

ONE DAY and the results. . . amazing.

However many more have written to me recently with DEEPER QUESTIONS surrounding HOW to apply the strategies I reveal on the Cheat Sheet in the current market conditions.

This is why I have decided to do something totally special for you right here

… I’m going to show you how to use these game-changing strategies no matter the market conditions.

When it comes to trading, timing is everything.

You know what I mean ...

Traders enter a market with a ‘mental’ target in place and even worse a mental ‘stop loss’ in place.

But then there is a problem . . . when the market goes past their imaginary target, they get greedy, saying “it’s going to go higher” and “I’m staying in longer this time”, but now greed has taken the wheel and there’s NO TARGET in mind at all.

They wait only for price to reverse and blast past their imaginary risk - stop, and by the time they can compose themselves, the market is moving further and further against them. 

Unfortunately, this happens way more often than I want to see, and has happened to me in the past as well

But it doesn’t have to be like that

What if you had a SCIENTIFIC APPROACH 

to hitting your targets and knowing when not to enter the market 

(Staying out of bad trades)

Most people overlook that there are

THREE equally important positions:

When to get into a trade

When to get out of a trade

And, most importantly and the least utilized, 


What if you could pinpoint the exact setup because you can read the markets and the trends with precision?

Here’s the thing about trends.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine this:

Imagine you want to go for a jog. You put on your jogging clothes, running shoes and head out the door. Chances are you will have the most amount of energy once you first begin running, right?

Trends are the same way.

You ALWAYS want to be in a trade as early as possible to catch the most amount of energy and strength so you can cash in on your profits 

(I can pinpoint this with over 85% accuracy). 

Now Imagine that YOU could eliminate the guesswork, the emotions, the bias…

and get those SAME results. 

Imagine knowing when to enter the market at the most opportune time, nearly every time.

No more watching that stop loss get wiped out, or doubting where to enter, or wondering if sitting out is the right move — even if you nailed the intended direction of the trade and did your homework.

When you know how to read what the market is telling you, 

all your doubts and confusions can be eliminated.

If you’ve ever followed MY technical analysis,

you know 2 things about my strategy:

Reversal patterns coupled with Divergence are Tell-Tale signs and a precise Road Map for knowing the best entries and knowing when to stay out.

Sideways markets (consolidations, exhaustion patterns, indecision areas) are a Trader’s WORST Enemy and a place where all your winnings of the day (and sometimes more) are given back (donated back) to the market.

Ready to Get the same consistent results as I do:

Here's the great part about reversal patterns . . .

When they linked with divergences is if you look hard enough, you can spot them often and usually right before a massive change takes over the market movement allowing you to read the signs so that you are in the right position at the right time.

Here is a perfect example of what this looks like.

I caught this reversal pattern with strong confirmation as it transitioned into a new trend and the price never retraced back—until we were already out with profits in hand.

And this isn’t an isolated incident. 

These setups are happening all the time.

Here is another example:

Same story, same set up, different market. 

Remember one thing, the market will never do the same thing twice, however, it will show you similar pattern frameworks that you can spot and

jump in with full confidence.

Had you pinpointed these reversals, and been trading with even a small account, you could’ve made upwards of $500 on these two trades alone—even with a modest account balance.

And look, these types of trades aren’t dependent on market conditions or even the news in most cases.

In fact, these trades happen day after day, month after month,

year after year…

So you can repeat this process indefinitely

Let me give you another example: 

Let’s say a typical Day Trader is trading with small accounts only a few times a week. Just this one particular setup could’ve added $6,400+ in equity in Just One Month.

Case in point:

Here’s a look back at MORE trades using this strategy:

By pinpointing the exact area where the transition starts you can be ready to jump on the strength of a new market trend, while most traders are still second guessing themselves.

I’ve been repeating this process for almost a decade now (8 years to be exact) —
and as you’ve seen — this strategy has never stopped delivering winners.

By Following the Entry Criteria

You’ll never have to go through F.O.M.A.T again

(Fear of Missing a Trade

Because these setups happen and they happen often, 

so you always know what to look for to be

prepared when it does happen.

Now obviously the above examples are best case scenarios,

and I don’t expect you to find setups like that every single time . . .  

Because if it was that EASY everyone would be doing it and we’d all be stinking rich!

But even accounting for losers, the risk tolerance of this strategy which delivers 85% accuracy (or more) results in consistent profitability!


The Day Trader Road Map Master Training

It is the nuts and bolts of reversals and divergence; 

the science of how price moves and transitions.

The Day Traders Road Map Master Training is so beneficial to

Day Traders around the world because of it’s consistent accuracy.

By qualifying the entries with a few signature techniques (revealed in The Day Traders Road Map Master Training) will make identifying the reversal zones simple and can eliminate most bad setups from the start. And the most important action you will learn to take with ease is the third position - KNOWING WHEN TO STAY OUT OF BAD TRADES.

But even if you do end up in a bad setup…

You’ll have a virtual road map to plot your risk so that your EGO doesn’t take over your ‘Mental’ stop loss which is a guaranteed way to empty your account — all without any guesswork.

Remember: I’ve been perfecting these techniques for almost a decade now,

and I ironed out all the kinks a long time ago.

Granted, nothing in the markets is guaranteed . . .

But this strategy can stack the odds in your favor in ANY market condition.

And once you know how to identify these reversal patterns and entry points for yourself . . .

Well… you’ll wonder why you ever even bothered with anything else. I know I did.


This Master Training could lead to exponential profits in as little as One Month

In this special Master Training class, we will dive deep into Reversal Patterns & Divergences.

You’ll discover a repeatable process that you could use right away to double your profits. 

Even taking one of the trades I mentioned above could be enough to push you past the profit threshold.

There’s virtually no cap on your profit potential moving forward.



Look at this way:

  • If you can double your profit potential every year for the next five years…
  • That could turn into a pretty nice nest egg, right? Maybe even a few family trips you wanted to take …
  • It’s a no lose situation—no matter how you slice it.
  • By simply following the strategy, this training will lay out the complete road map for this setup — and give you an actionable trading plan so you can hit the ground running right away.
  • Best of all, you’ll even get to see LIVE trade examples …
  • And I’ll walk you through every step of the process—including my secret trade management techniques so you can protect your position until the moment you take profit.


The Day Trader Master Training Road Map:

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Get this step-by-step signature system to identify the

3 most important positions in Day Trading

Get an over-my-shoulder view on the LIVE markets and see the strategy in action!! 

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Learn this technique and how applying it to your own trading will literally not only save you THOUSANDS on understanding bad set ups, it will BRING you $$$ for those highly profitable, 


That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though…

Bonus #2: The Trader Chick Day Trading Journal 

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This Customized Journal will help you truly keep track of your trades and allow you to see your profitable trades vs. your bad ones, and helps you stay out of the bad and get into the good (consistently)!

You’ll get a downloadable template of my exact Day Trading Journal that allowed me to become consistent and profitable. This was the biggest game changer for me and it will be for you as well.

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Are you ready to be on the right side of price action, no matter what’s going in the markets?

Well I have some great news…

Starting now — and today only — you can grab this training for just 27 bucks.

For the price of a movie ticket and popcorn, you can start writing your success story right now.

And since we’re just getting to know each other, I’ll even give you lifetime access 

You’ll get powerful insights and actionable training with the potential to rapidly scale your account in as little as one month – all for 27 bucks.

Now, to put that in perspective, you’re getting personalized training that could easily go for upwards of $500 an hour … for less than ten bucks an hour. 

I know the power of these Reversal Patterns & Divergences – because I’ve seen it – and I know how radically effective it’s been in my own trades.

Sounds great, right?

Well here’s what you should do next:

So with that out of the way…

Here’s a quick recap: 

You’re getting

The Day Trader Master Training Road Map 

for ONLY $27


The Day Trader Master Training Road Map:

Bonus #1: Fool-Proof BackTesting Entry System and Training Module

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Bonus #2: Customized Day Trading Journal 

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Bonus #3: The Chance to Join My LIVE Trading Room

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TOTAL VALUE: $1,100.00

Your Special Price TODAY:

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