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Misconception of Day Trading #4 – Screens – Do You Really Need to Light Up Your Desk?

Day Trading Misconception #4 – Screens – Do You Really Need to Light Up Your Desk?

This is a big misconception of day trading and image we hold onto dearly.

Whenever you see a ‘successful’ trader interviewed they are usually sitting at a desk with at least 10 screens behind their huge swivel black chair and all sorts of blinking lights and buzzing sounds going on.

This scene can either excite you and you can think that that trader sure looks important and busy and with all that action he must be making a killing.   

Or, it can totally freak you out completely. And your idea of being able to trade location independently is crushed and shattered into thousands of pieces. And who can keep up with all that is going on?

You can be successful with one chart, if you really want to go nutty, two charts is a charm.

For my home trading desk I love to have two charts open. However, being a travel junkie, my laptop and good internet connection is all I need.

And it’s all you need too!

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