Misconception of Day Trading #7 – Non-Stop Trading – Is There Such a Thing?

When I first started day trading my image of a day trader went something like this:

When I first started trading my image of a day trader went something like this:

Sits amidst a sea of monitors going in and out of trades all day long. There is no moment of tranquility and the action is high packed and never ending.

I know, what kind of person thinks this is fun and actually wants to do it? Weird ones (like me).

But thankfully, after way too many hard lessons learned, I realized what a true trader really does.

The trader that us wanna-bees aspire to become aren’t the crazy, manic, stressed out humans yelling at their screens, losing thousands of dollars simply on commissions yet still bringing home plenty to feed their families.

They are the ones that love life and enjoy their lifestyle.

How is the reality so different from what is portrayed?

Images have been tested, and apparently what we normally view is one that sells most to the adrenaline, aggressive, ego that makes you feel you can keep up and how cool is it to do so.

However, once you talk to professional traders, who have made this their livelihood, they have all learned, and mastered, the one thing that needs to be understood from the start: trading is like hunting. You don’t shoot at every single insect or rodent you see. You wait for the big game to arrive and you enjoy the kill. (No I am NOT condoning

hunting. I actually detest it. It simply makes a good analogy and one you immediately can visualize and understand.)

Today if I take two or three trades it’s a big day for me.

And it’s most likely a good day for the big time, big shot traders too.

How To Start

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