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Misconception of Day Trading BONUS – Trading is NOT Investing

Day trading is NOT investing (I have to repeat this). One of the biggest confusions and misconceptions is that trading is like

investing your money and watching it grow over time.

Day trading is exactly that – you close all your positions on the same day.

Investing is where you see your money grow (hopefully) for months even years.

Day trading you don’t care if the banks are raising their interest rates or if a country’s economy is collapsing. All you care about is that particular time frame you are watching one trade which can be anywhere between one minute to twenty minutes (rarely more).

When investing you care what the overall economic situation is. You care if the banks are raising, lowering or eliminating interest rates. You care if a certain stock you’re in is doing something new and innovative. This all represents good future earnings.

So next time you say you’re a day trader and the response is, “I want to learn about investing, and how to make my money grow.”

Tell them, “If you learn, please teach me!”

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