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Most Common 3 Questions About Day Trading are … Part 2

Most Common 3 Questions About Day Trading are … Part 2

2. How do I earn money? Day trading for Beginners

The only way to earn money with anything you do is to truly understand what you are doing.

You would never jump in a plane and fly off without a single lesson or understanding how things work in the cockpit with all the flight instruments, right?

You’d be dead in a minute, if you even do manage to take off.  

It might not be as harsh with day trading, you won’t die. But you certainly will lose your money.

So how do you earn money? But knowing what the market is telling you.

And trust me, Mr. Market talks to us all the time. It tells us if it’s going up, down, changing direction, standing still in indecision.

Your job as a trader is to understand this and learn it. Why else will Mr. Market give you any money at all?

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