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Movies About Stock Market That Any Trader Shouldn’t Miss

You are looking for movies about the stock market, yeah. We did a research, deep research about the best stock market movies. Because we know that when we get interested in something we start looking for a lot of stuff related to it. In this case, is investing movies.

The stock market is not new and has a lot of history to tell, movies and books are the best way we have to get our hands on those histories. We are living in a fast peaceful world, but we still can learn a lot from the experience of other traders.

Whether you are looking for movies about stock market crash stock market movies on Netflix, or even a stock market documentary. Don’t worry, we get the urge you must have to get all the info about trading you reach.

Here you have a huge list of the best finance movies.

Movies About Stock Market Crash and Financial Crash

No one can start a list of the best stock market movies of all time without including the movies about stock market crashes.
Since those are major problems of the economy and finance they must get documented. Every investor should watch it.

1. The Big Short

Movies About Stock Market: the big short

With well-known faces starring this movie, like Steve Carell, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling. This biographical movie based on the book by the renowned journalist Michael Lewis. Show us how the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 was started by the United State Housing Bubble.

2. Queen of Versailles

Movies About Stock Market: queen of versailles

This one is a documentary movie from 2012 by Lauren Greenfield. The movies follow Jackie and David Siegel as they build they family house, Versailles. The rich couple faced the market crash and US economic decline.

3. Margin Call

Movies About Stock Market: margin call

A 2011 American movie that takes place over 36 hours during the financial crash. Centered at The Manhattan Bank, one of the largest investment banks of Wall Street.

Some Stock Market Movies on Netflix

We all know that Netflix is making it BIG time by taking the world by storm. With Millions of people using this platform. There are a ton of them looking for investing movies or financial movies.
Here you got some movies about the stock market that you can find on Netflix

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

Movies About Stock Market: the wolf of wall street

Categorized as “epic biographical black comedy crime film” by Wikipedia. The Wolf of Wall Street follows Jordan Belfort’s journey. From his rise to a wealthy stockbroker in New York city to his engagement in corruption and fraud on Wall Street.

2. Boiler Room

Movies About Stock Market: boiler room

Written and directed by Ben Younger, this movie follows a 19 years old colleague drop-out. The boy gets a job as a broker and this put him on a fast track to success. This clouds his judgment leading him to a world full of greed and corruption.

3. Baazaar

Movies About Stock Market: baazaar

Largely based on the stock market. This Hindi movie from 2018 is set on the backdrop of business, corruption and power. A stock trader from a small town comes to Mumbai as he’s employed by a successful trader. Everything seems to be going smooth until he hits a major problem.

4. Too Big To Fail

Movies About Stock Market: too big to fail

Following the US Secretary of Treasure Henry Paulson. This American biographical drama was first broadcasted on television channel HBO. The movie is based on Andrew Ross book with the same name, “Too Big To Fail”.
After leaving his job at Goldman Sachs. Henry Paulson, tries to end the problems following him during the economic meltdown.

5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleep

Movies About Stock Market: wall street

Also known as Wall Street 2, this American movie from the 2010 was directed by Oliver Stone. It is a sequel to the Wall Street movie from 1987.
Following the original this film take place 23 years after in New York City. Depicts the 2009 financial crisis and its plot centers on “reformed” Gordon Gekko. He spends some time in jail and now is trying to repair his relationship with his daughter.

6. Money For Nothing

Movies About Stock Market: money for nothing

Adapted by a true story and written By Menéndez, Carol Sobieski, and Tom Musca. It is a 1993 crime comedy movie. Based on the article with the name “Finders Keepers”. From 1986 of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The film depicts the life of a guy called Joey Coyle. In 1981 this guy discovered $1.2 million dollars that had fallen off an armored van in Pennsylvania.
Following the struggle that Joey was having to keep the money for a 5-day period. He goes through the journey of a spending spree and hiring a crime circle for a money launder operation.

7. Corporate

Movies About Stock Market: corporate

This is a Hindi drama film about business. Released in July 2006. The movie depicts a game of power that’s happening between two powerful industrialists. Based on the three major problems Power, Paisa and Politics. It portrays how those two powerful people use edgy tactics to grab a nice commercial deal.
Based on the Pesticides issue that occurs in India on 2003. A non-profit center of science and environment published an article. A disputed report says they found 30 times more of the considered safe pesticide in coke drinks.

Stock Market Documentary

There are a ton of movies about the stock market. We have listed some above, we researched specific movies based on share market but with no success at all.
That’s why we decided to add some of the best stock market documentary to this list.

1. Inside Job

Movies About Stock Market: inside job

When we talk about the housing and banking financial crisis of 2008. Inside Job takes an inevitable step to the front line as one of the most informative and well-done documentaries. Winning an award at the 2010 Oscar for the best picture in a documentary.
Inside Job is an American 2010 film directed by Charles Ferguson. The documentary can is divided into 5 major parts, exploring the changes in banking. Their change in policy and practices ended up helping to create the financial crisis.
Acclaimed by film critics. They praised its research and exposition of material that’s complex. The film begins by highlighting how the economy heading to inevitable failure. A bubble that grew between 2001 and 2007, the crisis hitting in 2008, and a aftermath.

2. Trader

Movies About Stock Market: trader

The infamous documentary follows Jones. His caritative actions of donating money and his time to New York City. Helping children to get graduated from high school.
The main subject of the documentary is the trader Paul Tudor Jones. While working as a hedge fund manager. Predicted the economic meltdown of 1987, he based his word both Elliot Wave graphs and a lot of intuition.
The Film shows Tudor at his best moments and his worst. And as seen in the Investopedia review, he was a smart guy but also superstitious. He didn’t succumb to greed and corruption.

3. Breaking The Bank

Movies About Stock Market: breaking the bank

Following the adventures of Charles Banbury while trying to save his bank. Banbury is well now for his incompetence. This comedy film documentary will give you hindsight of the American financial and banking crisis. Based on the fund distribution to American banks that lead to a $500 billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Due to their wild management. Those funds were injected into the banks systems. That way the country can make sure that none of the largest institutions of the country would fail.
An amazing 2016 movie that’s directed by Vadim Jean and written by Roger Devlin,

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The Conclusion

The trading world is full of adventures and money. Every trading journey is different, and we always need some inspiration.

Don’t worry if you also were looking for stock market movies on Amazon Prime or stock market movies on Netflix Canada. It is well known that a lot of those movies are on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Here you got some movies about stock market, enjoy.