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My Day Trading Secret That Makes Me $150 in 5 Minutes

My Day Trading Secret That Makes Me $150 in 5 Minutes




Full Transcript

So let me show you a really quick trade that happened and how it’s understandable. So here it’s hard to tell. But this was a transition area. Set it down. I didn’t even have a chance to videotape because my video thing wasn’t working.

So that’s why I took these photos. So this was my first entry right here. I just entered it was one take away from the 610 Tick bar with two contracts. The first contract is for one point. The second one is for two points and I have two.

The reason why I have two risks is if you keep them together, it’s hard to separate them and they would cancel each other right away if you stepped out.

So one, if it moves up here, bam, I remove this one immediately and then I play with this one. So this is what happened.

I entered here and it got out right there.

These are really strong bars, which shows that there is definitely a lot of strength in the direction.

And once I got out, once my first target was hit, I instantly moved the target from here. I’m sorry.

The risk from here into the break even. And it finally hit right here as well. I didn’t even have a chance to. Take a picture because it happened so fast, so it was that contract.

The first contract was one point. The second contract was two points altogether. Three points. OK. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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