Day Trader Marina "The Trader Chick" trading over seas

One thing Marina, The Trader Chick, always says, “Day Trading has been the greatest Master Teacher of my life.” That’s because to her Day Trading is more than just a profession. It is a spiritual journey she never thought she would stumble upon. It’s a lifestyle of humility, appreciation and deep awareness. 

Day Trading is definitely not something she thought would transform her. but the challenges it puts you through make you become a wholesome and better person.

Day trading is not only a financial journey

Marina started her trading journey 8 years ago on her 40th birthday. She jumped in with both feet trading the Futures Market. The journey has NOT been easy and after a breakdown following losing her entire account in a matter of minutes 6 years ago, she had a massive breakthrough not the common one that traders experience. 

If someone told her 8 years ago that Day Trading will be how she finds spirituality she would have laughed. Spirituality has always been the furthest thing from her mind and belief system. 

There’s spirituality in everything we do, even day trading

But forced to embrace the moment, she realized this could only be done through mediation and mindfulness. And for someone who doesn’t even know what this was, the journey has been truly eye opening and life changing.

Today she is the only one who actually embraces the spirituality of Day Trading and works hard to help others start to transform their lives one trade at a time!