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Change the Way You See Problems: Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday – BOOK REVIEW


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The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. I’m Marina the Trader Chick Villatoro bringing you this book review. Ok, so I lied. If you watched my other video,  said that that was the only true, obligatory book that everybody should read. I lied.

That’s definitely still an incredibly insanely, obligatory book. But this one is second. Okay. Obstacle is the way. There are so many obstacles that we will have to go through in life.

So many. Right. So if we get stopped at the first obstacle and say, screw it and turn back or quit and say that you’re failed, then, yeah, for sure you have failed because you have given up every single incredible person, every single success story has been made up of nothing but obstacles. And instead of looking at them as huge obstacles as, oh, my God, I’m never going to pass this. They took it as a learning device, as something that can become their way.

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The Obstacle is the Way Summary

Right. So this book focuses on these incredible, untreatable obstacles, mountains that some of the people that he uses as case studies, and some of them go back to Marquis Aurelius time, Gladiator time, the Roman Empire, and shows you how those obstacles and let me tell you, they had real obstacles that have made them into great people that we now look at and admire and think, wow, this is one human being that has been amazing. We think, oh, his life is easy. It’s simple. No, they had to overcome insane obstacles, incredible obstacles.

And that is exactly what this book is about. It is one of the most inspiring, empowering motivating books of reality, that our obstacles are really our way. And since reading that book, I think this book I think the first time I read this book was like 40 years ago and having a lot of struggle, especially with my day trading. And I started to focus on what I was struggling with. Those obstacles were and I started to realize, wait, they could actually be the thing that propels me forward.

Right. A lot of it was my absolute lack of concentration. I thought that I was fully concentrating, actually. So when I say now that it was lack of concentration, it wasn’t. I thought that I was completely concentrated, that I was giving my all to my charts, to the trading.

No, I wasn’t. And I thought of it as an obstacle. I’m like, how much more can I focus? And I realize what it was. So what you start to think is an obstacle that you can’t get past becomes a way for you to understand what is happening.

Don’t focus on the problem

Right. There are so many issues that we will come up against, so many problems, and it’s just normal that’s life. But if we focus on the problem and we live in that problem and life sucks and it’s horrible and it’s never. Yeah, well, the obstacle doesn’t become the way it becomes an obstacle. But if you look at that problem and start to look at it a different way and this book talks about many different ways and creativity that comes from spotting your obstacle and understanding how to improve it and not only does it help you, it makes you such a stronger, bigger, more unbelievable human being.

I mean, this book is an obligatory thing because we are all going to go through obstacles. There is not a single human being that has it paid and if they do, they’re bored. There’s no such thing as fun because our problems are obstacles is what makes us better. It’s what improves us. It’s what pushes us, right?

Or it could do the exact opposite and make you absolutely depressed and a failure because you chose to be the failure you gave up, right. There is always a solution. There is always a way to get around the obstacle or go through that obstacle and he shows you more of how to go through those obstacles. So this is what he says, the timeless art of turning trials into triumph. This is an art and it is an art that we could all, every one of us acquire and make it a skill and now make it something that is truly profound and help us become better.

“there is no such thing as problems, only solutions waiting to be found”

So my obstacles have now become my Saviors. I’m now spotting a lot of the obstacles, and I’m working to see how I could fix it. Now I teach my children, we never say I can’t. We always say, how can I? Because the can’t makes it an obstacle.

How can I make you figure out how you can get past that obstacle? This is a book that will help you see your obstacles are not as big as some of the people’s obstacles in this book and even if they feel like they are, you will find a way to get past it or through it. So read this book. Let your obstacles become your way. Now I want to hear have you read this book?

I want to know what you felt about this book. I want to hear about your obstacles and how you overcame them. So comment below. Let me know about your own experience. Your journey.

The process, which is something that Ryan Holiday talks a lot about, is the process how you are getting to your journey through your obstacles. Leave me a comment below. I’m Marina the Trader Chick Villatoro subscribe to my channel for more information on different books that will definitely change your life.