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Reinventing Yourself – Book Reflection

Reinventing Yourself Book

I wasn’t expecting this -Reinventing Yourself – book will have as much of an impact on me as it did.

I know there are tons of great self-help books. And many of them basically regurgitate the same stuff over and over. So the challenge of finding a book that will truly make a difference in your life – meaning you can relate to the advice offered to make the changes in your own life – is rare.

This is one of those books. And reflecting on all the amazing information I have taken and applied is something I want to share with everyone.

It is that important!

 learn day trading reinventing yourself

What I learned most from this book:

We are not married to our personalities. We can change ourselves completely simply by changing our thoughts.

By taking action.

But the most important things I learned is that being a victim is being too emotional, taking everything that is said and done personally when it really has nothing to do with me. And if I step away, I will see that it really has nothing to do with me, it’s all about the person and their own thing.

Learning to say – what did I learn from this situation rather than how horrible the situation is makes all the difference in the experience and how to handle a tough time.

Learning to see that joy only comes when we push ourselves, work hard and take ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Seeing that our comfort zone is the death of everything.

Problems are challenges and when you look a them like that that it’s easy to say – how can I fix this, how can I resolve this, rather than looking at it as doom.

What I discovered about myself and my own patterns:

That I have been living as a victim. Even though, I have never thought of myself as that, but in reality I approach everything from a victim’s stance.

I can never fully be happy with what I have and achieved cause I feel the other shoe will drop and of course my prophecy is self fulfilled, but only because I made it so.

Preparation – something that I lack, without it I can’t move forward.

Failure is necessary and learning from it is the only way to accomplish anything.

I am very reactive and instead I want to be creative.

I am more than I feel – I am not my anger, my sadness, etc…

What I learned that will assist me in my business and life:


This is huge. I always feel I’m taking someone’s time, or being a burden. when in reality I’m giving them the chance to be with me. To teach me, to help me, and for me to give them what I know and a chance to help them.

This outlook changes everything.

ACCEPTANCE – this was another huge awakening

Forgiveness is what I have been looking for, when I simply needed to find acceptance of the people that I felt have wronged me. And even myself to myself.

The Ladder – I’ve been clinging to the low posts for most of my life. This is still something I’m figuring out, but am learning how

I have the power to make choices – suffering or finding the joy in things

What I became aware of that I did not know before:

Offended – OMG – this is the biggest eye opener. I have been living in being offended everyday that everything and everyone is offending me and is after me.

Based on this reading, what I desire to heal in myself is:

Power doesn’t come it has to happen with action. Courage doesn’t come first, it happens with taking the first steps.

Sitting around waiting for courage and power, is like waiting for a spaceship to come and take you away. It will never come on its own.

Based on this reading, the area I’d like to further grow and develop is:

To do the work. This one hits home the hardest, cause its the one I avoid at all costs

What could I do today that I know would take a lot of effort?

And then say – It was hard, but it was fun!

And most importantly – instead of asking myself what I feel like doing — Ask —  What needs to be done? And do it!

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