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A Return to Love – Book Reflection

I’ve been hearing about Marianna Williamson for ages lately. I’m sure that I’m probably the last person left who hasn’t heard of her sooner. Regardless, I am on it. And I figured the first intro to her work would be A Return to Love.

I know very little about her work except that she is one of the best teachers for ‘A Course in Miracles’ (another topic I know practically nothing about).

Return to Love Book

What I learned most from this book:

Main part of this book is opening up to love. Accepting love.

It’s mainly an explanation about the Course in Miracles. About fear and love. We can chose one or the other.

The right side or the wrong side of the brain. Most of us all live in Fear, cause this is what we are taught. And the ego thrives on this – the wrong side of our brain. Love is the right side.

The book is about returning to love. Shining love on the fear.

What I discovered about myself and my own patterns:

I don’t allow love to enter. I’m allowing my ego to convince me that fear is the right way to live.

Ego loves pain, suffering, guilt, attack this is where it thrives. It is very sneaky and can pretend it is allowing love in, but get you in the scariest ways to stay away from it.

You have to be open to understanding that and change your perspective which is also what the Course refers to as a miracle.

A Miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love. 

What I learned that will assist me in my business and life:

To see the fear, witness it and then shine love on it.

Accepting Ego is self death. Ego survives and thrives on self loathing. When you start to love yourself and remove fear that is the death of the ego.

But the ego doesn’t go off quietly it fights and fights strongly. It’s recognizing this fight (fear) and shining love on it is what will get rid of the ego.

What I became aware of that I did not know before:

What a miracle truly was. It’s nothing more than looking at things in my life in a different perspective – with love. That’s when miracles, small ones, happen. The more miracles you can count to your advantage the higher the chance of winning over the ego and ridding yourself of it will happen.

Based on this reading, what I desire to heal in myself is:

To see my fears, witness them, and shine love on them. To understand that I am not my thoughts.

To chose loving thoughts over the ego fueled ones of self torture, hatred, etc…

Based on this reading, the area I’d like to further grow and develop is:

Becoming more aware of my fears, that they are just that, they are thoughts that I have which aren’t true. To understand them.  To witness them, not to judge them.

Forgiveness – allow forgiveness to happen when I was wronged instead of wanting to get back at the people or get even or revenge.

To let it go allows miracles to happen.

Other notes about this book:

  • Miracles is opening up to love
  • Accepting ‘god’ (love)
  • Fear is gone through love
  • When someone makes you angry – explain what it is, don’t just push it away
  • When someone makes you feel bad – tell them, that I feel like this, they aren’t making me feel like that, but I just feel like that with the situation that I am with with them.
  • Ego looks for all the bad stuff about us and others. We need to look for all the good and the ego will be quieted.
  • To Ego – self acceptance is death
  • No love for one self is ego’s way of winning
  • Relationships are not about love of the other person, but coming into the relationship whole with love for me
  • We resist leaving the ego even if it is what makes us suffer, pain – but its what we know – growth and change is leaving the unknown
  • I forgive you … — I release you to the holy spirit
  • Forgiveness allows you to own my YES and my NO
  • We are perfect as we are and arrogance is actually when we aren’t the best that we can possibly be.

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A Return to Love - Book Reflection