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4 Rules for ES Mini Trading

Did you know there are four core rules to trading ES Mini?

Yeap, just four.

If you can master these four insanely crucial rules, you will definitely master trading.

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What are the Most Important Rules for a Successful Trading Strategy for ES Mini 

1. Cut your losses quickly and look for the next compelling, by-your-trading-plan trade, or you will end up having one of those shit days like I did.

2. Discipline to keep your targets and stops where you want them. After tons of backtesting to know where they should be. So stick to them.

3. Consistency – stick to the plan you have worked so hard at developing. Yes, you will have losing trades. But if your plan works stay consistent to it and it will bring you more profits than losses.

4. Know when NOT to take a trade – I know this one sounds like the easiest. But you’ll be surprised how hard it is. For some crazy reason traders think they should be shooting the gun ALL THE TIME. I’m one of them. But sitting out through a messy, choppy market (even if you saw some good trades in there) will be more of a benefit. As the saying goes – “There is another great trade just around the corner”

So what do you think, you got this?

I’d love to believe that I do, but I’m still working my booty off to get there.

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How to Start

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4 Rules of ES Trading