Do you know what the number one reason for people not getting into day trading is?

Not understanding the jargon. AFTER THIS VIDEO YOU WILL BE A PRO!

You know what. When I first started my Day Trading journey I was looking up words left and right. So many of them felt like it was simply a different language altogether.

So here’s the secret that no one is sharing – there are limited number of words and phrases that you really need to know to be successful at day trading.

I’ve been doing this for YEARS and now when I hear big words being thrown around by ‘Experts’ I totally ignore them. They are only saying them to feel self-important.

Here is a PDF
of the most popular words that
any person can easily learn
and start day trading feeling confident. 

And here’s the video that will help those words and phrases sink in so they become your new norm.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: once you really get into your financial market there will be more words specifically for that. In this mini course I cover the general terms used for any market so you will feel confident enough to start and definitely not feel lost when reading or speaking to anyone about this. 

Have questions or need help?

You’re probably not the only one.

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I’ll answer all your questions there and make it helpful for all other aspiring day traders too.

P.P.S – You know what’s really fun? To do this mini course with another aspiring trader for support and accountability. 

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