Here is a video covering the 4 main financial markets that are the most popular to trade.

I am not here to push any of them – that will be completely up to you.

What I help you with is:

  • Introducing and simplifying what Day Trading is and what direction you can take
  • Most importantly of all – Reading the Market – how to read what the markets do is completely universal for any of the financial markets out there.

It’s the same as learning how to read words. You can now take those words and read books:

  • Novels
  • Non – Fiction
  • Scientific
  • Comics

It’s the same with reading the markets. I go into that much more in my Boot Camp for Day Trading. Here I touch upon all the important things you need to know to start your Day Trading journey.

And a BIG part of your journey will be knowing which market you want to trade. Unlike investing, with day trading you CAN NOT diversify, you need to be laser focused to become successful.

Along with the video here is your PDF. 

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I’ll answer all your questions there and make it helpful for all other aspiring day traders too.

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