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Book Review: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson


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The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson I’m Marina the Trader Chick Villatoro, and this is my book review. So The Slight Edge why is called The Slight Edge because it is so slight, yet the difference it makes is remarkable. So I’m not going to get into the full book. It’s a pretty big book. However, what I did get out of it for me, The Slight Edge is showing up.

The Slight Edge Review

It’s doing those little things that you feel are not important, that they will not elevate you or push you forward. Right. So the Slight Edge for me is that I need to do certain things every day in my business, which at times I see absolutely no ROI return on investment. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. But it’s the accumulation.

It’s the compounding. What he says of doing it every day over and over again, I get that slight edge over the others, right. It’s that little, slight Edge that pushes me forward more. So every single day. Right?

This is what The Slight Edge is. It’s that slight thing that you do differently from others daily, every single day. It’s that little habit that turns into more. More. It compounds, compounds, compounds.

Until it becomes really powerful and life-changing. Right? So this is what The Slight Edge is about. It’s true. It works even on days when I don’t want to do it.

Oh, my God, I’m like, no, not today. I get up and I do it. It’s a slight thing. It’s small, but I do it. And those are the days when your resistance hits the hardest.

That’s when it matters the most to do. So get out there, read this book, get past that resistance and do the thing every day. Compounds, compounds, compounds, and you end up winning. I want to hear what was your vision of The Slight Edge? What did you feel about the book?

Did you find something different about it? Please comment below. Let me know. And what other books have you read that have also made a great impact on you? I’m Marina the Trader Chick Villatoro.

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