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11 Stock Watchlist Options You can Start Using Today

stock market watch list
In this post I talk about setting up your own stock watchlist and how useful it is in your day trading journey.

What is a Stock Watch List and How to Use One

I always say that trading is not like gambling. When you go to the coin machine at a casino there’s nothing you can do to take advantage of that situation, or in a roulette. But in trading, there are lots and lots of stuff you can do to take things a bit to your side and reduce the loss or even ensure successful trade.

The first thing we need to do when we start is to watch the market, literally, watch the stock market live. That’s why today I want to talk about setting up your own stock watchlist and how useful it is in your day trading journey.

But first off I would like to point out that a stock watchlist is one of a number of very valuable and useful tools that day traders make use of. But trading tools are only as good as the trader who uses them. And in order to use valuable tools like a stock watchlist effectively a trader must first develop a foundation in the fundamentals of day trading principles and market movements.

With this knowledge well established in their trader mindset and system a trader can use a range of tools to their fullest potential to become and remain a profitable trader.

A lot of people watch the market a whole day just to make their day trading picks for tomorrow. Of course, a lot of other factors come to play. This how they find stocks to trade. All you need is to watch in real-time the stock market.

Ok, so you’ve been shopping around, and you found a ton of stocks, securities, and ETF’s that you love. Yet, you still don’t want to commit to the actual purchase.

No sweat! This is when you put them on your watch list and… Take a guess what you do …

You watch them.

Read on below and discover 11 of the best options to create your own stock watchlist to monitor and make full use of to become a more profitable trader.

What is a Stock Watchlist For Day Trading?

Watch Lists are essential for successful investing and day trading. The idea of it is pretty simple. Put all the equities, securities, and funds you have an interest in and put them on the list.

If you’re reading this that means you’re into trading and that’s great news. By now you should have some stocks that you’ve already studied and may be planning to invest in if a good opportunity appears in the future. Well, that’s what a penny stock market watch list is!

Watch Lists are essential for successful investing and day trading.
Watch Lists are essential for successful investing and day trading.

Why a Day Trade Watchlist and How They Work?

Many times you’ll find a stock, security, ETF that you definitely know you want to buy. Yet the price is too high. Or you have doubts about it, but don’t want it to fall into the sea of other 100’s of securities.

Remember everything goes up and down. You can set a limit order for the price you want to pay with your broker. But the better way to go would be to put it on a watch list.

Depending on your broker’s platform, you can start a watch list as though it is your real portfolio. You can have alerts set up. You can do the same as you would when watching stocks that you own.

It is a great screening filter.

This way when you’re ready to go for it all you have to do is press buy, or put in a limit order. And it moves instantly into your portfolio.

If your platform doesn’t give you a watch list portfolio option, no worries, tons of sites and apps that allow you to start a watchlist.

Use any of (or combination of) the options below to get started with you watchlist for day trading. This will also go a long way to helping you simplify day trading which in turn will help you become a more consistent and also profitable trader.


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Stock Watchlist Options

Here is a list of more watchlists you can use to monitor assets you are considering trading in the future or stocks that you want to keep a close eye on while you are in a trade.

Either way, having them all on one watchlist is pretty handy.

Make use of the options below to get the most out of this very valuable trading tool – your watchlist.

Watchlists with Financial News Websites

1.Yahoo Finance: Yahoo Finance provides a comprehensive platform where you can create a watchlist, track stocks, get real-time quotes, and access news and analysis.

2.Bloomberg: Bloomberg’s website and app offer detailed financial data, market news, and the ability to create and monitor watchlists.

3.CNBC: CNBC’s website and mobile app provide market news, stock quotes, and customizable watchlists.

Investment Apps Stock Watchlists

4.Robinhood: Robinhood is known for its user-friendly interface and allows users to create watchlists, track stocks, and trade commission-free.

5.Motley Fool: a popular financial and investment website known for its stock recommendations, analysis, and educational content. They offer premium services and newsletters that provide stock picks, analysis, and portfolio guidance.

6.Fidelity: Fidelity’s platform includes watchlist features, research tools, and investment resources for traders and investors.

Use one of these 11 stock watchlist options
Use one of the 11 stock watchlist options in this post or a combination of them to monitor stocks and assets you like and be ready when a trading opportunity presents itself.

Watchlists on Specialized Stock Tracking Apps

7.StockTracker: StockTracker is a dedicated stock tracking app available on iOS that allows you to create multiple watchlists, track portfolios, and receive real-time quotes.

8.StockTwits: StockTwits combines social media features with stock tracking. You can create watchlists, follow other investors, and participate in discussions related to stocks and markets.

9.Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha offers stock analysis, news, and earnings updates. You can create watchlists based on your interests and receive alerts for specific stocks. Seeking Alpha has the best email system and is the one I use over my broker’s.

Spreadsheet Applications: Make Your Own Stock Watchlist

10.Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets: You can create a personalized stock watchlist using spreadsheet applications like Excel or Google Sheets. This allows you to customize columns, track performance, and update data manually or using built-in functions for market data retrieval.

Watchlists on Brokerage Platforms

11.Many online brokerage platforms, such as TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, and Charles Schwab, offer watchlist functionality as part of their trading platforms. If you already have an account with a brokerage, consider using their watchlist features for convenience.

These are just a few, there are many more. Pick the best financial site you feel most comfortable with, they most likely will have a watch list option.

The Trader Chick’s Power Recommendation – start a watch list and add everything you have an interest in. It’s kind of like brainstorming. With time, you will see what really looks good for you and you can eliminate the others. Eventually, when the price is right, the watch list securities will find a home with your actual portfolio.

stock watch list

Conclusion for the day trade watchlist

That’s pretty straightforward right? If you have a list of stuff to buy when you do the groceries everything will go more smoothly. The same is for day trading, a stock watchlist is the best way to have everything under control. You can see prices and wait for your time to do a trade.

A stock watch list has a lot of advantages, like avoiding impulse buying (I know a lot of people suffer from this). So, you should make your own stock watch list.

How to Start

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What is a Stock Watch List and How to Use One