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Brian Parker

Hi Marina,

Well, it looks like I made it! I have to say, I have learned so much in the “Boot Camp.” I certainly have a lot more clarity as to what exactly I am looking at and the behavior patterns of the market. I totally get it now. There are the foundations that MUST be taught and understood before a person even thinks about trading.

Outstanding work, I can’t thank you enough. I really feel I can actually do this now under your supervision until I gain the experience to be let loose. LOL.

Dawn Marie
Hawaii, USA

I have been trading for a few years now but was interested in learning more about futures and day trading. Most of my trades are usually longer term but with the type of market we are currently in, that is much harder without a very large account. I had previously taken a day trading course, but those methods also worked better before Oct 2018.

I love Marina's trading method and teach style.

She is very patient, does not make you feel rushed and really makes sure you are grasping all the information before moving on.

I also like that she is very conservative with her trade set ups. Fear and greed kill accounts, Marina truly helps her students learn trading skills to ensure confidence and teaches proper trading habits to reduce greed tendencies.

I wish I had found her sooner!

If you're on the fence about training with her, hop off and invest in yourself and your future!

Ezekiel Cruz


One year ago I became curious about day trading, so I paid for an online course to learn more about it; only to immediately encounter impractical theories and complex jargon. After going through much of that course I was still as lost and confused as before I started that course.

I even considered one of those popular online trading academies, but the prices were exorbitant, and the instruction wasn’t even personalized. That’s when through either pure chance or destiny I learned about Marina’s course (when I visited her Facebook day trading page.)

From the moment I spoke to her and got to know more about her and her philosophy about day trading I knew right then that purchasing her course was the right choice to make.

Her ability to take complex ideas and be able to explain them in easy to understand terms is truly impressive. Marina’s hands on approach allows you to immediately apply what you learn. You will spend more time actually doing the work rather than just reading, thinking, or theorizing about day trading.

Marina is by the far the most practical teacher I have had the pleasure of learning from (this coming from a high school teacher with 15 years of experience).

recently completed her courses (Bootcamp course and Simplified Day Trading Futures for Beginners) , and I am now practicing with the simulation to build my confidence before I decide to go live with my trading. 

I am confident that once I go live I will be a successful day trader, and that’s all because of Marina’s strategies. Thank you for being kind enough and willing enough to sacrifice your time so that complete strangers could have the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

San Fran, USA

I started Marina's courses last year this time (I took Bootcamp and then Simplified Day Trading) and I found them both to be very useful in the sense that she really sets it up well for beginners who know nothing...

To grasp the fundamentals of the language and patterns to identify. I started paper trading in July 2018 and did a few live trades starting in December and am now learning how to find my groove based on her trade set up rules.

I like being able to watch her videos again and again and re-read what she writes because once you start trading, you really need to remember what the green light signals are.

There is a lot of emotional and mental discipline that no one else can teach you since it's "your inner stuff" that needs to be processed which goes along with the trading learning curve.

She really knows what she is talking about if you want to start off learning scalping methods.

Her feedback is honest and helpful and I find her to be very responsive via email. I really like her!!!

Kathy Degen


I have been wanting to learn to trade for a long time now. I have done other programs. What's great about Marina is 1. how she breaks concepts down into easy to understand concepts.

and 2.  - She makes sure I understand the concepts by handing in homework and then correcting them, making suggestions.

I have purchased the Simplifying Day Trading program but starting with the Bootcamp program.

I love it and it has given me a lot of confidence and ambition to continue. I truly, now, believe that I, too can be a profitable day trader!

Jonathan Kane

Hi Marina

THANK YOU for making your lessons so clear, precise and understandable.

Your videos are short and to the point which enables me to play them over and over until I have an understanding of the lesson.

Also the 'homework' really makes me accountable to myself and teaches me such a lot too, as I'm looking through the charts.

Leora Dee
California, USA

Marina is a great teacher and very committed to making sure you are on the right track to understanding what day trading is. The videos are short and concise and easy to understand.

She teaches the fundamentals of chart reading, placing trades on a platform, and forming good habits. I took both of her courses, the Bootcamp and the Simplified Day Trading and I will say...everything she advises is very right on.

She has solid trade set ups that have worked for me. Following rules and maintaining discipline are super key in order to stay on track. If you can follow rules and maintain discipline and not get too emotional when things get confusing as a beginner, you will benefit from the information she teaches.

She is very responsive over email as well.

Thank you Marina for creating the courses for us beginners!!!! SO GRATEFUL!!!!

Aaron Byckesle

Hi Marina,

I want to thank you for putting together your 2 courses of boot camp and advanced. They helped solidify my trading. Before I took both courses, I felt lost. I felt like I knew trading but my knowledge was fragmented. Your courses was the "glue" to keep everything together for me. I can now confidently go into any market and dissect it to understand its structure and trade it. I don't hang around when I trade. I get in, trade it and done for the day.

I hope other people will see how powerful knowing the basics of trading. From your advanced course, you laid out several strategies. Out of that I probably use one or two and customize to match my personality.

Think about it. You can do well with just one or two strategies.

Key is to master it inside out. Make it part of your daily routine and stay discipline.

I still have much more to learn from you and the market but for now it's adequate enough to keep me busy and give me the confidence I need to think "independently."

I am forever grateful to you and the hard work you have done for your students.


Dawn Wittekind Monroe


I am so thankful and appreciative for Marina and her wonderful way of teaching and explaining day trading!

 I was previously in big Corporate Management and wanted OUT! I had a love for trading for many years and was blessed to be able to resign from big Corporate. After much exploration into day trading the ESmini, I first purchased from another person manuals and time in a chatroom which helped me get started but didn’t explain the foundation of truly what day trading is. I traded live for about a year and quite honestly was very lucky. I lacked confidence in each and every trade and didn’t understand the psychological aspect of trading. After successfully leading people in a corporate setting, I knew deep down there was way more to day trading that what I was receiving.

I did not receive any one-on-one time or foundational education I desperately needed. I began my search to truly understand day trading and was led to Marina. I reached out to Marina and she actually wanted to give me a call to talk – ok – first of all that just doesn’t happen now days but

She called me and I knew she was going to be the one to help and educate me. Marina has a way of explaining things that are so easily understood and she doesn’t use big words to make herself feel better, she just explains in terms that anyone can understand.

I can honestly say she is a natural teacher with passion which is very very hard to find. Even though I had been trading for about a year, I wanted to start from the beginning so I purchased Marina’s Beginner Boot – Camp for Day Trading and her Simplified Day Trading Futures for Beginners.

WOW – what a difference it has made! There were things in the Beginner Boot camp I did not know and to make matters even better there was homework that I did and sent to her and she actually reviewed the homework and sent it back to me with her feedback in a video so I could actually hear her respond to each different scenario – and what’s even better is that when I did have something wrong in the homework she would explain what I did wrong and then go find another example and explain it again.

I can-not describe how much this has helped me! I highly recommend Marina to anyone who wants to learn how to day trade as well as those who have been trading and want to fundamentally understand how to day trade and take their game to the next level. Many many Thanks and Appreciation to Marina!



Hi Marina,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing us to learn from your successes and your failures at an extremely affordable price. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes; both the Boot Camp and the Futures course. The information and the lessons have been very helpful in my trading journey; the homework and the feedback provide priceless insights, and give me a deeper look into where I am as a professional trader.

 I continue to learn a lot about myself through trading, but I am very grateful because this third attempt at trading without you, would have been futile. Thank you for taking the time to help us all.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Chad Thibodeaux
Louisiana, USA

After talking to Marina, I knew our trading styles were similar but something was missing from mine. I started applying what I learned from her and it’s helping keep me out of the chop.

My win percentage is increasing and I have reduced my 21 tick stop to about 5 ticks.

I missed some trading basics when I got started because I bought "trading systems", nothing that taught me how to read the market.

I wish I could have found her in 2016. Her videos are great, easy to understand, even for someone who has never seen a chart or trading software.

She's a class act. I look forward to my trading being consistent and profitable with what I have learned.


I have 45 days of market data but was only able to find 2 FOBO's.

This was probably the hardest set up to identify to date, but with time I am sure I will be able to identify them with much more confidence.

This has been a fantastic course, learned a lot for sure. Looking forward to the next course.

John Arne
Norwegian living in Spain

I've been a seasoned trader for several years, but not a consistent trader at all. I've thrown out so much money on different scams and schools.

Given up on them and have been day trading (badly) for the past 3 years, with more losses than gains.

I decided to give it one more try when I found Marina (The Trader Chick) somehow online (I think her Facebook group).

I liked her simple approach to E mini futures, and more importantly her humble and realistic way of looking and explaining day trading overall.

When I finally decided to go for it (kind of my last try at this) I can't even explain how important and how many a-ha moment's I've had with her easy to follow modules and mainly her full on support!

I'm a Norwegian living in Spain where the market opens in the late afternoon. I am now able to enjoy the first couple of hours with the market and the rest of the time, do my own thing in the morning (I have many hobbies) and then hang out with my kids in the evenings.

Rae Wyn


Hi Marina

You with your course has encouraged me to look at the market in a very structured way, I knew a little about market structure but nothing like you have shown me, it has been extremely clear and concise.

I have dabbled in the forex market for a few years feeling very nervous because never really knowing that I had the correct confirmation to get into a trade. I suppose I have really been guessing and hoping which is a bit like gambling, so I have never built up the confidence for it. Sometimes I would have some good trades and then I would be stopped out.

I have this absolute passion for trading a bit like when I went into Real Estate, many years ago and now I want this to be my next venture (lifestyle). Also I must say my husband and family are very encouraging and supportive of me learning to trade.

Thank you so much, I wished I had of come across you on the web a couple of years ago when I have googled successful women Traders.

I look forward to your reply and assignments comments

Kind regards

Josephine Wilke

United Kingdom

I've been wanting to trade for years. But being a stay at home mum, with 3 kids, it's hard to even remotely come close to the academies out there. Usually they start between $2,000 - $5,000 and offer little support.

Somehow I found Marina 'The Trader Chick' and immediately connected to her.

She's a mum, she loves to travel and once I contacted her, she has constantly been back and forth with me.

Finally, I bought the Boot Camp and Simplifying Day Trading Futures. I live in Spain, originally from the UK, and love that the markets open for me around 3:30 right when my kids are in school for their second part of the day.

After my learning curve and Marina's constant support, I have gone live and am trading only - at most - 2 hours before they come home.

Giving my family a great side income. Thank you!

Glenda Hall


I ordered Marina's course last month and started going through it. She explains everything so clearly. I used to get in the market with fingers crossed, now I am starting to feel more confident in my trading because of her online training course and daily feedback. Her bootcamp is worth every dollar spent... Thanks Marina!

Los Angeles, USA

Marina is a GREAT teacher! The course is easy to follow and she really breaks things down in a way that make sense! I would and will recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to trade!

There is no reason to complicate this learning process, which is why Marina goes the distance and stays in communication directly with you as you go!

She answers all questions quickly and I just can't say enough good things about her! Thank you Marina! Looking forward to the future in futures!

Matthew Allen


I've been training with Marina for about 6 weeks. I used to trade before, but I've been able to see where I've made mistakes trading. She responds quickly and is always encouraging - and for the price, the feedback and attention you get it's impossible to beat. Not to spoil it for anyone else, but frankly speaking I'm AMAZED at what you get for the $$$$. Money well spent and you won't go wrong trading with Marina.

Expat in Spain

I found Marina 'The Trader Chick' while doing a search for women day traders. I've had an interest in day trading for a long time but always found everything to be too complicated. Checking out the courses and academies, they are a fortune!

I started chatting with Marina, and she's super accessible and always answered all my questions. It was an easy decision to dive into her Simplifying Day Trading Futures course.

Not only was it really affordable, but her one-on-one mentoring and coaching was exactly what I needed. The hands-on support has made all the difference.

Trust me, I'm a total beginner, but the way she has the course laid out made it easy for me to follow, totally understanding everything I was doing, one small step at a time. And she was ALWAYS available for any and every issue or question that popped up.

She goes over each assignment, chart set up and trade set up. She sends personalized videos going over each item. It's amazing how much you can do wrong and not know it without proper guidance. Having the coaching with her helped me become a trader!

Keith H.


I'm so happy to have stumbled across Marina The Trader Chick. I went through both the Beginners Bootcamp and Simplifying Day Trading Courses and found them to be just what I needed to get on track.

The training videos are excellent because they are short and to the point with no wasted time and walk you in a logical progression from beginner to trader.

Marina's course is a well thought out guide to get you from beginner to competent trader with fantastic support from Marina the whole way. I would highly recommend Marina's courses to anyone looking to become a successful trader.

After having spent way too much money on courses, indicators, webinars, systems and books, trust me when I say that you will not regret joining her.

Rafael Cosal
Guatemalan in Spain

I've been day trading, with no success, for several years. Fully self taught. However, I have attended and participated in over 40 different online summits and webinars on trading. When I saw Marina, and her simplistic style, I contacted her. I was, to be honest, surprised how quickly she got back to me and continued to do so either by email or phone. I finally, after years, decided to buy her course and know for sure, I have made the right decision. I am learning a solid strategy, trade set ups, risk management, all with Marina's full and personal support and feedback.