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Pro Day Trading Secrets: How to Think like a Goldfish for Success!


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Hey, traders, it’s Marina the trader chick. And today is one of my favorite topics to talk about. It’s the secret sauce of day trading.

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All right, guys, do you want to know the secret sauce of trading? I can guarantee it is something that you totally are not expected to learn about and that’s going to change everything for you.

But before we get into this pro trader secret, understand that success in day trading begins with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of day trading principals and market movements.

And with this knowledge and the pro secret I will let you in on this post you will be able to take your day trading to new levels of success and profitability.

Back to the focus of this post, the pro trading secret you need for day trading success.

And also in this post we give you 9 tips to using this one secret in the most effective way possible.

But first I have a weird but relevant question – it will makes sense as you read on further.

What do Goldfish and Pro Athletes Have to do with Day Trading Secrets?

What do goldfish and pro athletes have to do with day trading secrets? I reveal all in this post.

But first, I have a question for you, and go with it. What’s the happiest animal in the world?

Yeah, that’s right. It’s a goldfish. But wait, I’ll tell you why. In a second, another question for you. What do athletes and goldfish and pro traders have in common?

A short-term memory. Or I should say, a short memory.

Did you know that goldfish’s memories are 10 seconds? I know that sounds you’re like.

What do goldfish and pro athletes have to do with day trading secrets of pro traders? Read on to find out!
What do goldfish and pro athletes have to do with day trading secrets of pro traders? Read on to find out!

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Here’s the reason why it is a perfect thing. First, they’re the happiest animals in the world because they forget their mistakes in a heartbeat, right?

Why is a really great athlete better than just a good athlete? And many athletes have actually admitted this.

It’s because they say it’s a short memory. When they mess up, when they do something bad, when they fuck up, they have a short memory. Why?

Because if they’re going to get stuck in this problem for hours crying about it, they’re going to miss out on the next great movie that they could take and actually win the game. That is what I mean by a short memory.

Now, are you a happy day trader? Are you one that keeps on licking its wounds and crying and missing all the other valid trades?

That’s the difference between a great trader and one that wants to be a trader but doesn’t know how short memory, guys, short memory will take you everywhere. And this is actually one of the day trading secrets that pro traders know about that you now can start consciously thinking about applying to your day trading from now on.

what are the day trading secrets of pro traders?
Having a short term memory is one of the day trading secrets most pro traders know about.

That is the secret sauce for pro traders.

And I can guarantee you it will completely revolutionize your entire day trading moves.

Get a short memory, guys, you take one trade setup that you worked on that, you know, is a good one, but it fails. And guess what day trading. A lot of them will fail. It’s normal. That is part of it.

The question is, how do you recover? Are you going to cry about it, lick your wounds and miss all the good trades?

Or are you going to have a short memory and move on to the next valid trade that could bring you all that money that you lost back and then some you decide, are you going to be a goldfish or are you going to be somebody that cries in the corner?

So here it is, guys. Short memory.

That’s the secret sauce to day trading.


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And below I have a special bonus section for you so you can actually take steps toward developing a ‘short memory’. Not in a bad sense!

But in a way much like an athlete who is never afraid to take a game winning shot and keeps pushing on forward despite setbacks.

Bonus Section – 9 Tips to Develop a ‘Short Memory’ for Trading Success

1. Mindfulness and Meditation 

Incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine. Meditation can help you stay focused on the present moment, reduce stress, and prevent dwelling on past mistakes.

2. Visualization 

Visualize successful trades and positive outcomes before starting your trading day. This can help shift your mindset towards focusing on opportunities rather than past failures.

3. Set Clear Goals 

Define clear trading goals and objectives for each session. Focus on executing your trading plan rather than fixating on past trades.

4. Journaling 

Keep a trading journal to record your thoughts, emotions, and trade outcomes. Use it as a tool for learning and improvement rather than dwelling on past losses.

day trading secrets
Meditation can help you stay focused on the present moment, reduce stress, and prevent dwelling on past mistakes.

5. Learn from Mistakes 

Instead of beating yourself up over losses, extract valuable lessons from them. Analyze what went wrong, how you can improve, and incorporate these insights into future trades.

6. Practice Gratitude 

Cultivate a sense of gratitude for the opportunities you have as a trader. Focus on what you have learned and the progress you are making rather than dwelling on setbacks.

7. Stay Disciplined 

Stick to your risk management rules and trading plan. Having a disciplined approach reduces impulsive decisions driven by emotions.

8. Seek Support 

Surround yourself with a supportive trading community or mentorship group. Sharing experiences and getting feedback can help you stay motivated and focused on growth.

9. Take Breaks 

If you find yourself dwelling on a past trade or feeling overwhelmed, take a step back. Engage in activities outside of trading to recharge and gain perspective.

I’m Marina the trader check. I want to know.

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I know for me this is the one that’s been working the best.

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