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The Pros of Being A Brand Ambassador

Anyone involved with social media knows about brand ambassadorship, and what they can do for someone’s income and profile following. There are a few specific conveniences that make this a great opportunity for creators on the rise. Read on to see what makes becoming an ambassador for a company’s brand using your social media presence such a fantastic chance at having the perfect work-life balance.

The business of social media

Any profile or page on any social media site has the potential to garner a massive following. Creativity and consistency are all it takes to establish a fan base early into your page’s presence, and keeping things fresh and interesting can keep you ahead of the trends. Collaborations are a fun way to get a larger or new following, pages that cross their fan bases, introduce their followers to new content and generate more traffic. This is why brand ambassadors take advantage of the opportunities the position offers, particularly the income they can create as mentioned on this site.

After establishing a solid audience, and getting to know what their followers enjoy and are interested in, you can introduce them to the products offered by the brand you partner with. Offering them special and exclusive discounts you can turn their attention towards items they might not have otherwise found or tried before, but will absolutely love. The benefit of these partnerships is that the company is able to utilize your fanbase for marketing exposure, and you get commissions from every sale made from your followers, as well as receive other special offers from the brands you become an ambassador for. 

Vet the companies who make you offers

It’s important to keep in mind that some of these offers you first receive may be less than trustworthy. Some scam artists will reach out to new creators as they grow their pages and try to take advantage of them, either with entirely false contracts or unfair arrangements that don’t fairly pay the ambassador. Carefully avoiding these fake brands and scheming companies is necessary to protect yourself as well as your own brand. With very little investigation, you can usually tell if a company is trustworthy and well-known. There is more to read on the meaning of brand ambassador beyond what you’ll read here, so start with the basics if you’re completely new to the game!

The beauty in brand ambassadorship is being able to fit these product features into your life easily. You don’t need to have a perfect schedule to get the content made and uploaded in order to be making money with your partnership. One ad here and there, or even weekly and more regularly uploaded content can bring in tons of traffic from your audience and generate a very nice income for you. Making engaging content that still highlights or features the products can help you keep the ambassadorship relevant without bombarding your viewers, listeners, or followers with spammy sounding ad-reads that they’ll grow tired of quickly. No one likes to hear the same ad over and over again.

Don’t force the content, integrate it naturally

Using products you actually care about can also make a huge difference for ambassadors. Makeup products you love, with rich pigments and safe ingredients, you can feature partnered brand beauty products on your blog or vlog and tutorials without coming across like you’re trying to earn a commission. Clothing lines for new seasons, featuring fresh styles or pop-culture subjects, even changing the trending color palette, using new outfits in your featured content helps get eyes on products your fans may want. 

Get your fur babies involved and collaborate with pet toy and accessory companies. Review bandanas, collars, harnesses, chew toys, squeaky toys, ropes, bones, bowls, scratching trees and beds, anything your dog or cat could need. Show off special dog-and-owner matching merchandise, pajamas for pets and their parents, or new training products that can help a young pet learn the basics. Everyone is looking to show their beloved pet to the world, which you can read more on through the link below:


Whatever content you’re creating, using a brand ambassadorship to generate some extra income for yourself, as well as establishing your page as a professional business that is prepared to partner with other creators and companies is just a smart strategy. Finding a company you trust, or a few different companies, you can build a solid income from what content you create for your page without having to change your schedule to fit the ads into it. Rather than change up your lifestyle to make your social media work for you, simply partner with a trustworthy company and get to work with imaginative ways to include their products into your regularly scheduled content.