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The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2021

best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

You, as many of us, are wondering what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021?

Well, keep reading because the answer will surprise you. We all know that those last months have been crazy in the market, prices sinking and exploding. That’s why we have to study and researched a lot about the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

So, take hindsight of the market and get ready. Remember that in every trade you make is a big chance of success with the right crypto trading strategy.

Cryptocurrency is moving fast and coming back hard

We all saw what happen in the cryptocurrency market last year. They are making a comeback, with Bitcoin seeing one of its biggest rallies in recent history.

People are showing interest in the field again. Especially with all the economic uncertainty at the moment. Some might want to find stores of value to keep their assets safe. Others might have been observing the markets for some time. They got a hit of interest by the recent movements of the market.

There are now over 1600 different cryptocurrencies on the market, and they keep growing. Knowing which one to invest in can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the game. Let us give you some main cryptos you should be considering if you wanted to invest right now.

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Here you got, the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

The best 3 crypto to invest in right now


Let’s start with the biggest and most obvious choice, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been seeing some impressive gains lately. Remaining as the most well-known cryptocurrency on the market.

This is also the one with the most liquidity, which makes it a particularly good choice for beginners. More liquidity means that buying or selling Bitcoin will be much easier. Even easier than many lesser-known cryptos out there.

Bitcoin’s price remains volatile right now. So, you might be asking yourself, how much are Bitcoins now?

If you want to know the value of Bitcoin at any given moment, you can always check out resources like Chaingers.io. This will allow you to get answers to queries such as “how much are Bitcoins worth” in any currency that you want. It’s also a peer-to-peer marketplace. Makes exchanging Bitcoin for local currency and vice versa much easier.


Ethereum is always a good choice because of its strong and proven use case. It’s also the most recognizable crypto after Bitcoin. Then there’s the fact that so many altcoins are using Ethereum’s platform to build their own projects. 
Ethereum was the first to popularize the idea of smart contracts. They also introduce the idea of building a network where people can create and host decentralized apps (dApps). And where Ether, the token behind Ethereum, would serve as a form of “fuel” powering these apps and validating these contracts.

Ethereum also has the backing of the community and a great team of developers behind it. Its high liquidity makes it easy to trade, and more Ethereum can be created than Bitcoin.

Not only that, but since Ether is what fuels the whole dApp network. Developers will need Ether to support their launch applications and smart contracts.


If you’ve been in the crypto world for a little while, you may know that there is a not very well-kept secret about Bitcoin: it’s flawed.

Litecoin in the other hand was always touted as “the coin that Bitcoin could’ve been”. But always struggled to get traction and attention. That is slowly changing.

Litecoin’s high block reward accelerates block generation. And blocks play an essential role in blockchain transactions. Blocks are the miner’s best friend on the network, and only in a block can a transaction be validated.

Since block generation is much faster, and there are more available, costs are also much lower due to supply and demand. Not to mention that transaction capacity is much larger on Litecoin. This is not only because of the number of blocks available but their larger size as well. This makes Litecoin a much better coin for quick transactions. Which could make it a very valuable coin for years to come. 

So, that’s it! Those are the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, at least for the bigger one. We have also gathered the best small cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

We all know that there are tons of cryptocurrencies right now, as we say back there. With a fast-moving market like this and a fast-growing economy. A lot of entrepreneurs and companies have jumped into the crypto world.

Those are the best small cryptocurrency to invest in 2021


Remember when we talked a minute ago about Ethereum contracts and dApps? Well, here you got. EOS is one of the best cryptocurrencies that has adopted that, and it’s growing in popularity.
All the popularity is due to the fact that most of the transactions are free on the network.

Tezos (XTZ)

One of the newest players in the cryptocurrencies game, Tezos have gained a lot of popularity. Promising an annual return of 6% and 7%. With an immense potential in their hands, their selling points include the deployment of a proof of stake system. And a big robust security.


Based on decentralized stablecoin management systems. The MakerDAO is one of the biggest leaders in the area. This cryptocurrency exists for about three years now and has proven their self. Remaining stable even in the hardest time of market volatility. Impressive, huh?


With the use of a peer to peer technology. The TRON cryptocurrency is a platform designed to ensure decentralized content-sharing.

The name of the currency is Tronix, wich is paid to content creators. This cryptocurrency has grown a lot and is going to grow even more due to the idea that content sharing is the king right now.

In our opinion, all these cryptocurrencies would make great additions to any portfolio. Whatever the case, stay informed on the most recent developments, and always keep an eye out for new opportunities.


Which Cryptocurrency will explode?


A little part of their client base knows the fact that it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency in the market. The BitTorrent is a well-known peer to peer platform for file sharing services. It is really hard to know but the trend talk and the data talk even louder.

Which Cryptocurrency is growing the fastest?


DeFi is aiming to make financial thing like saving programs, insurance and loans independent from banks. It’s one of the biggest and fasted growing crypto trend is out there right now.

What is the cheapest Crypto?

There is a lot of cryptocurrencies out there, and indeed a lot of them are really, really cheap. So if you’re looking for a cheap cryptocurrency to invest in, here are some of them.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021