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The Trader Chick – FEATURED – Desire to Trade – Self-Improvement Is A Must For Trading Success

Day Trading is soo much more than just your charts. It’s about becoming the best person you can be.

And that starts with Self – Improvement.

Day Trading has allowed me to become the best version of myself and I’m forever grateful.

In this interview podcast I go into Self – Improvement and how it will prepare you for trading and will help you become the best trader and version of yourself.


Marina spent a lot of time on personal development and self-improvement. This, she says, has been a strong reason for her trading success in the futures market.

She has been trading the financial markets for YEARS. With lots of trial and error, her goal is to show how life transforming day trading is, even spiritual and to remove the stigma and fear that is wrapped around it.

She wants to make it super accessible, fun and doable for everyone. It can be done with only a few hours a day so that there is plenty of time to be with the family, or to travel, or whatever you want to do!

Marina mentions a very valid point about the stories we keep telling ourselves. We often have all those reasons why we can’t succeed or stay committed. Most often, those stories aren’t true. They just distract us from our goals.