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Time Warrior – Book Reflection

Time Warrior – Book Reflection

This book Time Warrior has fully redefined time management on all levels. Steve Chandler, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors (I didn’t even know about him until first reading Re-Inventing Yourself).

I think my favorite quote in the book and pretty much sums up what this book is about:

‘A Time Warrior is an average person with laser-like focus’ Bruce Lee 

Now it’s time to have some fun.

time warrior

What I learned most from this book:

1. Focus, focus, focus – it doesn’t come naturally, it comes with practice

2. Stop thinking and start doing

3. Stop reacting and start creating

4. To be a warrior of time and my life – I need to simply stop thinking, contemplating, working out my shit from the past and simply just living right this very moment and getting the most of today.

5. Focus on today – not the future. Just ‘For Today’

What I discovered about myself and my own patterns:

1. I think way too much

2. I don’t focus and devote a sacred space for when I work

3. I leave a lot of tasks unfinished which drains me of my energy

4. I spread my self too thin, better to focus on 1 or 2 things at most and give it all you have

5. I get distracted to easily because I haven’t made a commitment to being fully present

What I learned that will assist me in my business and life:

1. Commit – commit to that one thing to have it done.

2. Devote – devote the sacred space to doing that thing completely and fully

3. Focus – be only there for that one thing that I am doing at that moment for that time period

4. Reacting – stop reacting to everything in the world – and just do what has to be done. Always go for action rather than thinking and wallowing

What I became aware of that I did not know before:

1. How useless thinking is

2. How useless dealing with the past is. Sure you can address it, but get the fuck over it and just do what you have to do to live in this moment not in the ‘horrible’ past

3. Empathy and compassion are useless, get up and help or do something rather than ‘feel bad’

4. Perception is everything – change the thoughts and perception before they become feelings

Based on this reading, what I desire to heal in myself is:

1. Focus- to be able to be 100% for the thing I’m doing. Even if it’s only for a certain amount of time. If it doesn’t come easily, with practice it will

2. Devote – cut out that sacred time for me to get my creative juices flowing, to get done what has to without the internet and any distractions

3. Stop thinking – it gets me nowhere – but just do.

4. There is no such thing as worthy enough or too little – it’s just more useless thinking and procrastinating – just start doing and the rest will come

Based on this reading, the area I’d like to further grow and develop is:

1. Focus and concentration – stop multi tasking – do one thing at a time

2. Practice practice practice it will happen

3. Fearless – simply means doing what I fear and adding love to it and having the courage to do it no matter the resistance and fear

4. Thinking and reacting has gotten me absolutely nowhere it’s better to stop doing both

5. When I have the doubt monkeys attacking me – i.e. Ill never be a good trader – I get up and trade some more

What I Want to Share:

1. Whenever doubt comes through – get up and do that exact thing that I am doubting myself for.

2. Compassion – feeling all sad and bad for people who are struggling – if I feel that bad, get up and do something otherwise, stop making it all about me

3. Stop reacting to people – it’s only my perception and even if it is about me, who cares, it’s their issue not mine

4. Stop thinking of the future – live in the now, not what might happen

5. Writing helps – write down my problems, and my limiting beliefs and go over them

6. Look back at all my unfinished tasks and what is not useful toss it out and the ones that need to be done, finish them and get that energy back

7. Commitments are the most important things – commit and keep it no matter what, that’s what commitments are

8. Risk – who cares what the outcome is – it will help me grow

9. Not starting isn’t the problem – the problem is what belief do I have of why I’m not starting. Focus on that, write it out, deal with it and then start

Other notes about this book:

1. How can I help

2. What can I produce today

3. Life is now – whatever happened happened, it’s a reboot today and a chance to start over – not wallow in what I did or didn’t do before

4. What’s good about this situation

5. What have I learned about this situation

6. Start today and only focus on what to do today

7. Have laser sharp focus in what I want to do and I will be full of energy

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Time Warrior - Book Reflection