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Trading Psychology – The Trader’s Mindset

Trading Psychology – The Trader’s Mindset

Trading Psychology & Mindset – learning the strategies and techniques will be easy compared to our mindset and our self-control. Day Trading has proven to be the best teacher for me in this and helps me learn daily about changing my mindset.

The #1 thing I can tell you is this:

What is the difference between Lack Mentality and Abundant Mentality when it comes to trading?

1. Lack – you feel that there will not be many good trades and take half-assed ones which make you lose, and put more lack and fear in you

2. ABUNDANT mentality and one that YOU MUST OWN and REMEMBER – there is always another great trade around the corner. Always. It might not happen in the next few minutes or even hour, but trust me, it is coming. If you take a good trade and it fails, which is normal in trading, there is always a good trade coming which will you back in the green. TRUST THIS.

As long as you stick to the trading plan and the strategy – you will see that there are always more GOOD trades coming and you will win more than you lose!

Even if you don’t understand what a trading plan or strategy is yet (I will help you with that) start believing and knowing that there are always good trades coming and if you consistently make the right decisions, you will be profitable!

In trading and life abundant mindset will always win in everything you do.

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Trading Psychology - The Trader's Mindset