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What is a Consolidation Area?

Trading Strategies – What is a Consolidation Area?

Funny example of a trading strategies you should use and remember.

Imagine you are driving from NY to DC.

It’s a pretty straight forward.

You’re driving, determined.

But then…

You realize waze or google maps isn’t working properly and you aren’t going the right way.

So you start to veer around, ask for directions, basically not moving forward.

Then you get a call that your dog is vomiting. It’s nothing serious, but you pull over and start calling friends and family to see who can help you take it to the vet since you’re home.

Not you’re wondering if you should even go at all.

This is consolidation.

It’s doubt, it’s confusion, it’s second guessing, it’s total INDECISION.

This happens in the market ALL.THE.TIME.

Probably for different reasons, but one never really knows.

It’s humans and we all have crazy, emotional, unexpected reasons why we back down, turn around, keep going, take a break.

NEVER QUESTION THE CONSOLIDATION – the slow down. The sideways movement.

We are not hear to question it or judge it, we are here to read it. And when we see CONSOLIDATION


Consolidation areas are fiercely known to rob traders of all their winnings and entire accounts.

Do NOT be one of those TRADERS!

 what is a Consolidation Area?

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what is a Consolidation Area?