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Live Day Trading Strategies



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Live Day Trading Strategies

So right now I have a trade that is coming up for me. I want to simply be ready to grab it when it comes. This line, when it comes a little bit lower, meaning that this red line, which has my 610 e mail, is going to meet around here.

This to me is a fantastic entry point right here where both of these kind of meet one tick away from here. So everything is looking good. It’s failed, as you can see. This has been an area that has been hit several times during the day, this is when the market opened and bam, bam, bam, it’s hit it several times.

Basically, it does not want to continue down. It does want to continue. So now what I am looking for is the perfect entry for my strategy. And this is when it’s just a sit and wait game.

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So I could get a little bit more riskier by doing a two thirty three entry right here. This is just a teeny bit more risky because the two, three, 3, I like to go here.

But since it has failed so much all day.

To go down there is a high probability will go up, considering it’s also so high up with a MACD’s. So I always go and work two out. And the first target is right here at 1. And these are the other two targets right here.

OK, so now it’s basically just a waiting game. So my first target is at one point, my first risk is at one point. And chances of it to going all the way to here is very high.

All right. So I’d like to try in the areas because the market has a very high tendency to hit the same places over and over and over again.

So excuse me with this stronger bar. I feel a lot more better that is gonna get the first target.

It’s pushed out of this little consolidation which was doing.

And this happens a lot that you could be hit several times and not be filled. And sometimes it could actually turn on you, but you never know, right? So you have to stick it out.

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So the reason why I haven’t decided to move down to here is because I don’t have any divergence yet. I really look at this and the MACD’s indicators are definitely climbing higher.

That means that there’s still strength in the market to continue upward. And this is super frustrating. I will be honest with you when it hits so many times and does not fill it. But this is just how it goes.

If it continues this, I might actually. OK, so now that I have been filled here, chances are it’s going to go all right.

I am immediately taking the risk off the table. And now I already have my one contract filled right here.

And now I’m waiting to see it go here.

I mean, I could be super risky and go here, but I have to be even a little bit and quite frankly, I might just let this go with me leaving in the first place. That’s the beauty of having profit in the bank and putting no more risk at the table.

It`s getting into a transition area?

So it doesn’t look like it’s going to continue. This is also telling me that chances are it is getting into a transition area. So at this point, I have two things. I could just take a win right here, which will be, you know, maybe one tick. It’s better than having zero on the table. Actually, it’s a two. I have to run and chances are I got filled.

So basically, this is my other entry at my other right here.

So what happened here? Why did I do that? I have to go. It’s also lunchtime. It’s super slow. And I have a doctor’s appointment. So I could have let it just.

Start me out, or I could have, you know, come back to see if it took a win or not. I am very vigilant. I fur to sit and watch what the market is doing and it’s a pretty high chance that it would stop me out before it bounced back. So I’m quite happy. I have six ticks, which is one and a half points in total with my two contracts. That’s seventy five dollars right now.

I’m good to go.

But is your Stop in place?

And bam, as you can see, it would have totally stopped me out. Meaning it would have given me a break, even though I’m quite happy with the two extra to exhale.

That’s extra. Twenty five dollars, right? I don’t have to worry about my commissions.

And I’m sitting on a profit.

So this is how it works and at this point it will probably be a transition for a good part of the day. Maybe it will pick up after lunch. Right now it’s still lunchtime. So around 1:30 Eastern, two o’clock it might pick up. I’m hoping to be back from the doctor’s by then to see if I could do it.

If not, I’m quite happy about it.

Live Day Trading Strategies

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Live Day Trading Strategies