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Rule Breakers Need Not Apply – Key to Success for Trading

Rule Breakers Need Not Apply – Key to Success for Trading

What`s your Trading Strategy? Are you a rule breaker?

Do you pride yourself for not following instructions and doing things on your terms?

Well, I am.

My rebellious, don’t-follow-rules nature has gotten me into lots of innocent trouble in the past. And, without me knowing, has molded me into the person I am today.

But guess what!

All this has done for me, especially in trading, was hurt me and my wallet REALLY BADLY.

Trust me when I say this – being different is one thing. Not following or sticking to the rules, being inconsistent and undisciplined is one of the most UN-COOLEST characteristics day traders can have.

So what am I planning on doing about it?

Quit? Give in to my rebelliousness, which has most likely affected me in many areas of my life – but is definitely most evident in day trading? Throw in the towel and continue breaking insignificant rules and teaching my kids that when life throws serious punches at you, you quit?

Trust me I have contemplated it over and over again. And have had days when I cried my guts out cause I fucked up so royally.

But I can’t be a failure only because I can’t stick to the rules and that is exactly what is happening now.

So, Hell no, I won’t quit!!

This is what I plan on doing – Get my shit together, stick to the rules and developed some hard earned discipline and consistency

Why Discipline and Consistency are the Keys to Success

Before I even consider my well worked out plan, which I have. Yet seem to fail at sticking to over and over again. I need to work on my discipline and consistency.

I know this sounds like the long way around. But I have tried the short, direct way. It doesn’t work.

Self Discipline, consistency and trust – does!

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How To Start

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Rule Breakers Need Not Apply - Key to Success for Trading