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What in the World is Day Trading and Why it is NOT Investing!

Day trading, intraday trading, or any other version of what can happen in one day is exactly that – you are literally in and out of all your trading positions before the sun sets in your part of the world.

If you decide you want to stay overnight or even hold your trading position for several days, or even weeks you have now crossed the line into what is called a Swing Trader.

But if you want to go for the long haul and hold it for months, or years, you are no longer a trader but an investor. A long term investor.

The main difference between traders and investors is that traders don’t really care what the company or the index or the precious metal or the commodity will be doing in the next day or week and. Who-the-hell-even-cares-at-all, what it will be done in months or years. They want to see the small movements to get in and out quickly.

Investors, shareholders, are more like part owners. If you own a stock and are holding on to it, you are technically part-owner of the company.

For example, my day trades don’t last more than 15 minutes. I don’t have the stomach to see the market go into indecision mode. I love being in and out quickly.

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