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What Is the Futures Market?

Day trading, as I mentioned before, comes in many different forms. I trade strictly the Futures Market and only the ES Mini.

What Is the Futures Market?

It’s really simple. Futures market has always been associated with the commodities markets which are physical goods. You buy, for example, a barrel of crude oil at a certain price, and you sell it (hopefully for more) in the future when the contract expires.

As the commodity markets grew, the futures markets, so did the different instruments to trade, grew.

For our purposes we strictly work with the S&P 500 index, known as the ES mini. Even though the contract on this instrument expires every three months, there is no real, physical market for it, so we don’t have to worry about any actual contracts expiring and having barrels of oil at our front step. Not that people trading the crude oil instrument have to worry about that either anymore.

Futures markets is almost 100% an intraday trading platform.

The only thing we need to think about when dealing with expirations for contracts is when we can rollover to the new contract (will be going into this later). This is the only way we are affected with it for the S&P (ES) mini.

S&P is the Standard and Poor’s index of 500 largest public companies in the US.

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What Is the Futures Market

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