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What the RGB HEX Converter Tool is Used For

With this RGB HEX converter tool, you can easily convert one color model to another (HEX to RGB, HEX to CYMK, RGB to CYMK, RGB to HEX) to prepare graphic images for your website or for printing.

What is a color system and what is it for? Without going into the maze of terminology, let’s just say: color system – is how the color “sounds” in the language of numbers. People whose profession is somehow connected with graphics, should know the basic color models and how they are applied in practice. It so happens that in the world everything should be ordered, systematized and studied. And color is no exception. There are exactly five basic color models, but we’ll look at just two that are most commonly used among developers, designers and webmasters: RGB and CMYK.

About the RGB color model

RGB is the color model most commonly used in web design. According to the theory of the creator of this model – James Maxwell, any color can be obtained by mixing the three basic shades: red (Red), green (Green) and blue (Blue). With the advent of computers, the colors assigned to the eight (classic RGB model) and hexadecimal (HEX), where each shade can be displayed in numerical form. In the field of web design is most often used hexadecimal system calculation of color, the value of which is given here by the characters from 0 to ff (where ff = 255). You can get a new shade as #RRGGBB by “blending” the numeric values of the primary colors.

With hexadecimal mode can encode about 16 million shades (1 bit for each shade), but this is not necessary: the eyes of most users simply can not distinguish such a number of colors. Therefore, webmasters often use hexadecimal mode, in which to encode the red and blue shades of 5 bits, and to encode green – 6 bits.

All major browsers support RGB color values. However, you should understand that the color display will depend on the hardware of the device: in other words, the picture will look differently on different monitors.

How do I use RGB to HEX?

You can easily use the RGB to HEX tool, which is easy to use, in all conversion processes. This will help you get the HEX color code using the color data you have, according to the RGB color system. use the tool;

  • Red (R) “Red Color”,
  • Green color (G) “Green color”,
  • Blue color (B) “Blue color”,

You need to enter data into the form. To enter data, you can write numerical data in the box opposite. If you wish, you can enter color numbers by moving the blue button on the indicator next to it. After entering the RGB color numbers, you must click the “Convert” button to convert them to HEX. After a few seconds, the RGB to HEX tool will generate the color preview and hex color code information for you. By practically copying the HEX color code, you can use it anywhere.