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Why Financial Planning Formula For Investing Suck!

When I began my lessons for investing, I was absolutely amazed that the ‘experts’ push all these Financial planning formula for investing on people.

No offense experts – but let’s get real!

I am positive you will run into these formulas over and over again.

Here’s my advice – either ignore them completely or totally take them with a grain of salt. To me, they are just time wasters and a way for a course or expert to sound as though they know what they are doing!

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Here’s the perfect example of a time waster: Rule of 72

Let’s take any number and apply the formula.

The way the formula works is like this: 72 divided by any % of return equals the amount of years it will take you to achieve your goal.

72 ÷ 12 = 6

What is that? Can you tell me? Who knows that they will earn 12%?  That is one of the most unpredictable things in the world.

If we all knew that we would earn 12% on our investments, we’d all be doing it!

Another formula is based on your age and stocks proportions.

110 – Current Age = Stocks Allocation

The older you are the less stock investing you’ll be doing.

This may be true, but how about taking into account:

  1. You don’t want to invest in stocks at all
  2. What if you want to invest in a lot more than what the formula tells you
  3. Everyone has different interests – why follow formulas!

My solution is this – Do your due diligence, but work out what is best for your needs, interests and amount of money you have invested!

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Why Financial Planning Formula For Investing Suck!