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Why has TikTok outlived each and every other social media that has been trying to succeed during the last years?

If you are willing to promote your social media pages online, it is important for you to understand why some platforms are better than the other ones and how they can help you with promoting your content. TikTok is a video oriented social media website that earlier in the time was specializing in posting exclusively music and dancing content – China loved it, but the rest of the world knew very little about it. And now TikTok basically revolutionized everything we know about social media and has brought the phenomenon of “clip thinking” to the table. Now all the other social media websites are using it to involve more people into the process of following and using the platforms. Why is clip thinking so widely spread right now and how does it help to make content?

Clip thinking is a psychological and cognitive phenomenon that means people checking out and processing content only during a very short period of time. The further it gets, the harder they are perceiving and remembering information. Children and young adults have that clip thinking due to the fact that their growth period was or is synchronized with the development of social media. They are used to consuming information quickly and in small, but loaded portions. Videos are exactly the format that meets all of these conditions – it’s loaded with the picture, the music, the text and the added meaning. This is why TikTok is so popular and this is why such phenomenons as local memes and trends were formed; this is what added meaning is all about. 

Promoting something on TikTok is easy – and this is why this platform has met the next huge wave of growth. People who mind business came here and started to use its tools in terms of showcasing their products and services, and this was so successful, that big companies and brands have put their eyes on TikTok as well. Now you can find the accounts of gigantic companies and their ambassadors here, and the situation is only going to evolve further. This is good news to small content creators as well, because bigger brands and companies are always interested in cooperating with micro influencers who have small, but very loyal and attentive audiences.

But how do you turn other people’s attention to what you are doing on your account? How to find the audience and how to start making money off it? Well, things are not as hard as it might seem, and there is always some help from the side available. You can firstly turn to cross posting and attracting your audiences from other social media pages of yours if you have ones, but if TikTok is your first time social media project, you can use a chance to buy TikTok followers for your page and give yourself a decent booster right away. 

Is it that easy? Just go find a company that sells followers and you are done? No, it is not: sadly enough today there are lots of scam websites that offer seemingly qualitative services and then leave their clients with nothing. How is that possible? To succeed you need to buy real TikTok followers and not the fake ones: scam websites are selling bots instead of real people and offer no guarantees that your profile is going to become popular and widely known in the end. While choosing the company to buy promotional packages from, make sure that you are:

  1. purchasing real followers, thumbs up or whatever you need,
  2. seeing the warranties that this company gives in terms of the possible promotion’s results. 

Plus, the decent promotional company always has a real manager ready to answer all the questions in chat on the website and often offers free trials so that a person could see what type of service they are going to attain. 

So now you know why TikTok is good and why it is only going to become more and more popular over time: to gain results don’t overestimate the power of third party promotional services but be careful with what you are buying and who from. Follow the pieces of advice that we have given you in this article and if you do not have time to search for a decent promo company, use the links that we have given as well. Trust us, they will do just fine!