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Don’t Buy Day Trading Software – Here’s Why



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How To Know If a Trading Software Is a Scam?

Hey, have you heard about the new trading software that is guaranteed to bring you profits every single day? Come on in. I’ll give you a little show. Have you guys heard of this? Have you been sold on a trading software only to find out that it’s a scam? Well, here in this video today, I’m going to let you know how you can figure that one out and how to spot it.

Hey, traders, it’s Marina, the trader chick.

And I’ve got a really interesting episode for you today on Confessions of a Trader Chick. All right, so who’s been caught up in a scam with trading softwares and flashy indicators for trading and other things that they tell you that they are going to give you a way to make money? All you have to do is just turn on the on button on your trading software, walk away, and you’ll be making five thousand bucks per day trading passive. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard this.

And even worse, how many of you have been bought and sucked into this kind of scam? Unfortunately, it’s a norm, and don’t feel bad because you’re not the only one. It is common in the trading industry.

Day Trading Software Scam Example

Here’s the scenario. Here’s what happens. Quite often, you guys want to learn how to day trade. Cool. I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve spent hundreds. I’ve spent thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on my education.

So you get into this academy and they say, well, you’ve got to get that, you know, with this whatever amount of time that you’re buying, of course, for you also get to use our software, which, of course, is all about how to use the software or an indicator or whatever. Right. Cool. So you learn it. You don’t actually learn how to day trade. What you do is you’re learning how to trade with their software or understand how to use the software, never to actually just learn how to day trade, basically like driving a car.

Right. When you sit down, you want to learn how to drive a car, but instead what you’re doing is you’re buying this little switch that will help your car drive while you kind of sit back on autopilot. Doesn’t work. It just does not work. Autopilot might work a tiny bit for flying, for pilots, but when it comes down to the absolute necessity, guess what? Autopilot up and they know what to do with the plane. Do you know what to do with your trading charts?

No, because when you’re buying into these softwares, this is what happens. I’ll go back to that. You end up taking this course that has this really cool, flashy software that guarantees all this stuff only seems to work when you’re actually doing the course with the people and all of a sudden your time is up with them. Cool. All right. Now I’m going to go and do it on my own. Oh, why is my software not working?

What happened? Oh, you didn’t know what once used up with, you know, working with us in the class. You have to pay for the upgrade of the software. It’s only five thousand dollars. Don’t worry. But once you pay, you’ll get that software working just the way we taught you. OK, so three months later. But you know what? I just paid for the upgrade. What happened? Oh, we have to upgrade it again.

Scam: Don't Buy Day Trading Software - Here's Why

So it’s another two thousand dollars. This is it. They got you in. They hooked you. Are you going to be a sucker for that? Do you even know what support and resistance areas are? Can you, yourself decide if you even want to enter the market or are you completely on autopilot relying on getting in for what they are telling you to do? You decide what you decide. Is this going to happen to you or are you going to learn how to day trade?

Look, trading scams. This is how it works, right? With every industry, there are scams. I want you to sign up simplifyingdaytrading.com is my free course. I actually teach you what the scams are, the misconceptions of day trading, and what you as a trader can do, no gimmicks.

When I first started, I was also caught up in that. I was in these trading rooms following other people’s strategies and losing money all the time because I didn’t have my own strategy.

I didn’t even know what the market was telling me. And that’s when I just realized that the majority of the money I was losing was because I didn’t know how to read it. It’s like a music student just go in and sitting at a keyboard and pressing a button with music that’s really playing without actually learning any notes. And they sometimes just press the button to add a new tone, thinking that they’re playing, but they’re not. It’s a software.

Are you going to be a person that presses that little button once in a while and pays 5000 bucks for each upgrade? Or are you going to be the person that actually learns how to trade and read those music notes and be able to play your own tune? It’s up to you, because if you’re going to stick on the road and buying software that they tell you is going to work for you and needs consistent upgrades, it never actually works because algorithms change.

Computer programs change. the market, If you know how to read, it doesn’t it tells you what you need to read. It tells you what it needs to do. Stop buying the software, learn how to read the market. It’s really all in your hands and you’ve got the power. So ready. Subscribe to my video right now, subscribe so that you get more of these types of videos to give you real ideas, real understanding of what day trading is about, that you own the market that you trade for yourself.

I’m Marina, the trader chick. You contact me at the trader, make any questions. I love questions. Also, sign up for my free mini course, simplifyingdaytrading.com. This will tell you. It will show you all the myths or the scams, everything that there is. So you know what the right steps are for you to take on your own. Completely free. This is my goal.

I just don’t want you guys to be suckered into what I lost. Thousands of dollars. There’s no reason for it. There are so many ways to avoid that and actually, just learn how to day trade. Subscribe to thetraderchick.com, and I can’t wait to hear more from you.